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Wave number 6 donated to Sail Sand Point
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Author:  h17cat [ Sat Oct 20, 2007 12:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Wave number 6 donated to Sail Sand Point

:D Another Wave has been donated to Sail Sand Point in Seattle. Rick Waltonsmith of San Jose, CA has donated his Wave, with spinnaker, to SSP. This makes six Waves in our fleet, all have been donated, or purchased with donated funds.

Special thanks to Dan Carpenter, and Hobie Cats Northwest that suggested to Rick that he donate his Wave to SSP, and purchase a new Wave. Rick is adding features to his new Wave, including a larger spinnaker. Rick keeps his Wave in the Northwest, and sails in the Puget Sound with his family, while visiting the area.

Thanks Rick, for your generous donation.

Caleb Tarleton, SSP Board

Author:  xanderwess [ Tue Jan 15, 2008 1:53 pm ]
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Do they have Wave lessons there or just Opti? My nephew is 7 and has been in one session of Opti racing here in Clear Lake but lives in Seattle, and I would like to get him into sailing lessons there. Any chance for catamaran instruction?

Author:  mike hensel [ Tue Jan 15, 2008 3:45 pm ]
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Chris you should have them check into what will be available this spring. As far as a youth class that young you would have to check to see what is planned for the year at Sail Sand Point.

There usually is a Wave class and Wave Cruising Camp for the kids that goes on.

But your nephew's family should check with the local Hobie group there, and with SSP because we have a youth serries planned that will emphasize the Wave and new young sailors.

In April we have the first event planned for a resevoir in Eastern Washington that will be a family camping/sail trip. There will be several Waves there for kids to just have fun with.
Being the first event of that serries we will be focusing on familiarity and fun on the Waves.

There will be a clinic for the kids to follow in May and then a Youth Only Regattas at SSP in July and September.

In this serries we hope to introduce kids to multi hull sailing and build from there. My 9 year old daughter will be jumping into this with a couple of her friends.

So invite them out and give them our contact info, we'll get them started.

And Chris you have my contact info pass it along if you like.
Mike Hensel

Author:  xanderwess [ Tue Jan 15, 2008 8:49 pm ]
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You're the man Mike!

Author:  h17cat [ Tue Jan 15, 2008 11:31 pm ]
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:D Hi Chris. Mike has covered it well. Info for Sail Sand Point is at www.sailsandpoint.org. Schedules are complete, and will posted on the site soon. Starting on an Opti is a great idea. My Grandson, Dan started on the Opti at SSP, then did Cruising Camp on the Wave, and last year did the Youth Hobie 16 Class.

We will have a booth at the Seattle Boat Show, Jan.24-31. Field Booth 5071. Hobie Cats North West will be at West 26. Plus, we will be putting on two Seminars, Jan 24, 3:00 PM Green Stage and Jan. 30, 5:15 PM Red Stage.

Ask them to stop by if they have a chance.

Caleb Tarleton

Author:  nelson.peter [ Wed Jan 23, 2008 12:49 pm ]
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My guess is Morgan will recommend the Opti for a 7-year old. I started my son sailing at SSP at about age 7 and quickly took up Morgan's advice to put him in an Opti. I am glad I did. I think the basics of sailing are better learned on a monoslug.

I put my son through about 3 years of Opti camp, the last year being 'Opti Racing'. His skill has now outgrown the Opti, in my opinion (although the Opti can be raced at a high level). My son now sails the Wave and the 16 effortlessly.

Author:  xanderwess [ Wed Jan 23, 2008 1:06 pm ]
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My son is the same way. He's 8, races Opti successfully (won both JR no tears events) and can sail a wave with no problem. He got pretty TO'd tipping over though.......65lb kid can't right a Wave by himself.
My nephew is in need of Opti training though, thats why I asked.
Thanks for the help

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