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Sail Sand Point goes "Green"
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Author:  h17cat [ Sun Apr 20, 2008 1:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Sail Sand Point goes "Green"

:D Sail Sand Point goes "Green". Well, at least we are doing our part.
The 2 by 6 lumber recycled from the recent dock repair is being used to make additional Racks for the Waves and Hobie 16's. One Rack has been made for our newest Wave, (donated by Rick Waltonsmith). Three more Racks to be made for our seven H-16's. The Racks allow our fleet to be stored, ready for launch with Cat Trax, and to drain properly.

Andy Bender, our Hobie Fleet "re cycler " checks in each Hobie when it is donated, and strips off the good parts, and stores them in our Hobie Locker, Number 29. Our new parts and repair items are also in this locker. The "dead" hulls that are soft, and not be used will be cut up and sent to the landfill for burial. They are currently stored at the North East corner of the yard, if you wish to help cut them up. Can be fun to do this, just clean up the mess, and stack the parts for removal.

Jerry Valeske is installing new Comptips on four of our H-16's. The left over mast sections can be made into interesting trophys. I have one from the 1994 Bellingham Bay Heritage Regatta if someone would like to repeat this project.

We are also making new rigging from the old wires. The necessary parts and tools are in the Repair Bay. On our Waves, we have used H-16 tiller crossbars and tiller connectors to "upgrade" the Wave connectors.

Plenty of tasks for our Volunteers. Just stop by anytime. The H-16 next to the Office is waiting for some clean up.

Don't forget the next "Hobie Work Party" now set for April 27. Peter Nelson will be sending out more information on this Party. Peter just donated his spare H-16 sails. Check your loft. Still looking for H-16 sails. Most of our donated boats came with well used sails. Feel free to bring any spare Hobie parts that you are not using. Also, if you need any parts, look through our inventory.


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