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I nearly beat a Tornado....and a question??
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Author:  BeckettColt [ Wed Jul 22, 2020 5:28 am ]
Post subject:  I nearly beat a Tornado....and a question??

Weds night racing, round the buoys...first two races were the usual....Tornado's were 1-2-3, and we lagged behind. By the third race, my son and I were 'dialed in', and I gave him the hot stick. A good start, a good line upwind, and off we went. At the downwind mark, Matt's crew slipped and fell off and I gave a whoop of joy....here was our chance to beat a Tornado!

Never fear, Matt came back, and over beers afterwards, we agreed my son did extremely well to come as close as we did. On corrected or handicap time, we won that race....

Then we talked some more...how tight or loose should the mast rotator be?
Most of the literature says that the tail of the rotator should be pointing towards the shroud. We actually run it tighter than that, and we may be losing some optimization. Mostly, we sail in light winds....thoughts?

2015 H16, with spin,
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