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 Post subject: Foil locking problem
PostPosted: Tue May 30, 2017 7:47 pm 
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Does anyone have a trick to getting the foils to lock in place? I often get out and cannot get the upwind foil to stay down. It seems there is something keeping the cable assembly that goes into the mast from relaxing and letting the foil locking mechanism fully engage.

Any experience with the problem, or more importantly, with solving this problem would be appreciated.


 Post subject: Re: Foil locking problem
PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 8:04 am 
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Have you read the manual or watched rigging / sailing instructional video?

You need to tack and place each foil on the lee side to lock them one at a time.

Deploying the Foils
To lock a foil down it is necessary that the foil
being locked is on the leeward side of the
boat. If the foil is on the weather side of the
boat, water pressure will prevent the foil from
coming down all the way and locking. When
the foil is on the leeward side, the water pressure
will push the foil down and in. It might be
necessary to sail on both tacks to get both foils
locked down. If the boat is in irons, it is possible
to simply push the sail link from side to
side, which will move the boat side to side and
lock both foils down.

If you release the line and the foil does not
go down, see if it is cleated in the cleat on the
beam. If it is, pull on the line to un-cleat it. If
the line still does not go out, try releasing the
sensor retraction line. If the lines are twisted in
the beam, tension on the sensor retraction line
can cause too much friction on the foil retraction

Matt Miller
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Warranty and Technical Support
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 Post subject: Re: Foil locking problem
PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 8:43 am 
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On the same note - getting them unlocked requires the same procedure in reverse. You have to get the foil on the windward side of the boat and as you pull the unlocking line the movement of the boat as it slips downwind will pull the rudder free and you can raise it. Then swing the boat around and do the other one.

These are just some of the little things you have to get used to in order to enjoy the best foiling boat ever designed and built.

 Post subject: Re: Foil locking problem
PostPosted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:33 am 
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Hey Mike

I had the same issue.
After youve tried Matt and Toms suggestions;
and the foil still will not lock;

Make sure that the foil can be manually lowered into the locked position with all the lines attached normally and not twisted internally

- If it can be lowered, the problem is likely technique, so make sure you are trying to lock the leeward/downwind foil.

- If it does not lower without the foil control line (blue) becoming too taught,
you probably need to lengthen the line a bit.
The mechanism inside the mast base not only controls the foil lowering/raising,
it also controls the foil downlock positioning.
Too much tension on the control line prevents the downlock from lowering into position to hold the foil down.

I fixed my issue by using a long (3") locking shackle to replace the brass clips.
This made the line just long enough to allow the lock to engage.

If you make any modification, make sure to check that tension on the control line still pulls the downlock release properly, as you try to pull the foil up - all done without tension, ie sitting still or on the upwind foil.

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Graham Solomon

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