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i9 Folding
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Author:  Charles Kinbote [ Sun Aug 16, 2015 2:26 pm ]
Post subject:  i9 Folding

The product manual and the diagram in the storage bag differ from the support video on folding the i9. The former shows the last fold leaving bow and rudder on the outside, while the video shows the bow and rudder folded first into the middle of the bundle.

I can see an advantages/disadvantages to each method. Leaving the rudder on the outside creates a less severe fold on the control lines but leaves the rudder exposed to external damage. Folding the rudder in would protects it from external damage but cinching the bag could stress the rudder assembly or abrade the kayak material. Does it make a difference or is one way preferred?


Author:  mmiller [ Mon Aug 17, 2015 12:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: i9 Folding

The manual is more recent, so would tend to lean that way. The folding videos were done years ago. I will point that out to marketing / engineering.

Author:  daft [ Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: i9 Folding

mmiller wrote:
The manual is more recent, so would tend to lean that way. The folding videos were done years ago. I will point that out to marketing / engineering.

It is more mixed up than was stated, and a little different. Also there are "new" support videos which our physical purchase materials point to that have further contradictions and I think are most misleading of all. Consider folding style, bagging orientation, and valve terminology:

-The current support page manual shows i9s being folded in a unique way, sort of like rolling a sleeping bag. The bow is inside and the stern is outside; I had to really magnify the pdf to confirm how it is radically different than the inward taco folds for i12s and i14t on the same manual page. Also the manual shows placing them lengthwise into the bag, which is important at least for i12.

-The support page videos (outdoors, old?) show all models with the inward taco fold and being placed lengthwise into the bag. The i9 doesn't appear long enough to benefit from usual angling of the bow and stern so the tips don't overlap. BTW like the manuals, these videos use standard although odd valve terminology where you "close" it to fill and "open" to empty. There is a minor variation from the manual where the videos show tacos facing the wheel end of the bag, vs. the "dotted line" manual discussion implies open taco end facing away.

-The NEW video (with Jacques published May 2015) which my i12s purchase materials urged me to find at hobiecat.com/quickstart contradicted some above stuff. Some users may not get past this video which I think was a bit misleading. For one thing it says to "open" the valves to fill them, which would lead to all the pumped air reversing back out when you pull the pump away (using standard although admittedly counterintuitive terminology).

Also the new video shows him flopping the only boat (i9s) out of the bag SIDEWAYS, and in a taco inward fold, both of which contradict the manual. Specifically for the i9s the bottom line may be it is forgiving to be folded and oriented any old way, but this example may be bad for other viewers. The i12s and maybe i14 has gotta go keel=lengthways into the bag or you may exhibit the bag-busting exasperation that you see in several threads in this forum. It isn't obvious that lengthwise is best when the boat is stiffly new, but it is important to start a habit of letting the softer boat sides relax into the narrow dimension of the bag.

-The folding cartoons inside the bag itself are another thing to keep the story consistant. I forget what the i12s bag shows exactly, but I think it vaguely agrees with the manual although simplified to the point of being hard to make out.

RECOMMENDATION: Do not nuke the "old" folding videos. They are the only ones that are unambiguously clear on what to do for each model, and if they have mistakes they are minor. They are inspirational in showing that you can put accessories in and on the bag, which can come as a revelation to those who at first had trouble getting the stiff new boat into the bag at all.

Author:  Charles Kinbote [ Mon Aug 17, 2015 4:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: i9 Folding

Thanks for the info

I had also emailed Hobie Customer Support and rec'd this response: "They both work, so try it each way and decide which you feel is best – we’ve done them both ways with success. The i9s is the easiest to deal with (compared to the 12 & 14’s)"

Also, in my initial message I said bow and rudder when I meant to say stern and rudder. The manual and the bag cartoon show the stern/rudder left on the outside with the bow folded to the inside. The video shows both the stern/rudder and the bow folded to the inside. Sorry for adding to the confusion.

Author:  daft [ Tue Aug 18, 2015 11:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: i9 Folding

daft wrote:
Also the new video shows him flopping the only boat (i9s) out of the bag SIDEWAYS, and in a taco inward fold, both of which contradict the manual.

OK, the new video may have not used the taco fold after all... the stern was bent that sharply but I can visualize the hidden parts easily as in the official "sleeping bag" config. I never proposed to remake the new video, but was earlier confused by it's bag orientation and terminology quirks.

Now to meditate on taco up vs taco down for the i12... almost the same, until you account for the Coriolis effect, or :wink: ?

Author:  1776 [ Mon Oct 23, 2017 3:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: i9 Folding

I recently purchased an old tan i9 that was kept in a basement partially inflated. It looks like new, but dd not come with a drive or bag. I have extra drives from my other Hobie kayaks. Now for a bag....based on the dimensions, a i11/12 bag 36x25x12 with the i9 in sideways seems a little more relaxed than the i9 bag. Comments?

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