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Tech Tip - MirageDrive Maintenence/Lubrication #2 of 3
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Author:  mmiller [ Fri May 22, 2009 5:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Tech Tip - MirageDrive Maintenence/Lubrication #2 of 3

Thanks roadrunner!

Note: This is the second of three parts dealing with the Mirage Drive.

Part I is a lubrication comparison:


Part III discusses Drive adjustment and maintenance:


Once you've selected your favorite lubricant, you're ready to lube your drive. But first, it's a good idea to rinse your equipment thoroughly, flushing any sand or debris and salt water:
When done, operate the drive and listen for any evidence of residual sand in or around the sprocket shaft. If appropriate, flush again.
Shake and dry when done.

Lubrication points, starting from the bottom, are shown in the following picture:

1. sprocket shaft, forward, middle and aft
2. chains, front and rear, both sides
3. inside of drum-shaft, both sides (I don't do the outside)
4. idler pulley, front and rear bearing surfaces
5. pedals (not shown) where they connect to the crank arms

When finished, operate the drive and spin the pedals to work in the lubricant; wipe off excess.

With regard to the rest of the boat, I like to rinse it and wipe it down. Make sure the bottom is clean if you don't want to go slow. Occasionally apply silicon spray to the Twist and Stow rudder as you rotate it, to keep it limber. Rinse and disassemble the paddle, or it may turn into a one piece paddle, especially in the salt water.

Now you're ready for your next outing! 8)

PS: Hobie has not approved or endorsed any of this information. If anybody has other tips, recommendations or opinions, feel free to chime in.

by "roadrunner"

Part III discusses Drive adjustment and maintenance:

http://www.hobiecat.com/community/viewt ... 60&t=12578

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