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Build Blog, my Hobie TI (3) 2017 project
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Author:  Husse0416 [ Wed Jul 26, 2017 9:09 am ]
Post subject:  Build Blog, my Hobie TI (3) 2017 project

Hello fellow Islanders!

I am an avid fisherman! I spend most of my time fishing or at least thinking about it. I have this condition "CAS", chronic angling syndrome. Its uncurable but can be relived by regulary use of hook and line. :D

Last year I got my first fishing kajak and that got me hooked on kayak fishing. This small chineese "plastic bucket" has since then undergone a lot of mods and we have had a lot of fun on our fishingtrips. Its rather small and instable to use in the sea so I have been restricted to lakes and calm waters.

After a lot of thinking of what would be the best fishing wessel for my pourpose I finaly decided on a Tandem Island.
It has now been steadily used for 3 months to get a feel for the craft. Its just fantastic!
I will now start to outfit and modify it to suit my special needs.

My project is very ambicious and I figured it could be fun to share my build with the rest of the Islanders on the forum.
Please note that my choices of how to outfitt and modding the TI is based on many years of fishing experiance and my personal prefenrances. The main goal is to get to and from a fishing location in a safe (and fun) way and able to find, pursuit and land fish. I do a lot of off shore fishing, trolling but also do longer trips hiking out for a week or more.

Feel free to comment but the thread is not ment to start lenghty discussions or debate.
Its just my TI Build Blog!

So lets get started!

Author:  Husse0416 [ Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Build Blog, my Hobie TI (3) 2017 project

So what is this "ambicious" project!?
I apologize that the term ambicious might sound pretencious or "snobby" (misspelt?) ... that is not my intent. I could not find a better word as english isnt my first language.


1. Adding rails around tha TI at well thought out positions.
2. Adding 3rd extra aka behind rear seat.
3. Adding XL rear and front foldable beach wheels capable of fully mounted craft.
4. Adding aft motormount for 3-5hp 4 stroke.
5. Adding bow motormount for electric MotorGuide ix5
6. Adding 200Ah battery pack.
7. Adding custom haka bench/trampoline.
8. Adding rear riser stainless.
9. Mounting heavy duty roddholders.
10. Adding 2 x Lowrande HDS 7 gen3 (or maybe Carbon)
11. Adding two foldable transducer mounts, 1pcs for spotlightscan, 1 pcs 3D scan.
12. Adding VHF Lowrance link 8 ais.
13. Adding rod transport holders.
14. Adding sail/tent/tarp.
15. Adding anchor winch.
16. Rearranging sail furl/main line with automatic retracting spool.
17. Adding navigation lights.
18. Adding a raised up foldable fishing fighting chair.

Well I guess I might have forgotten a few things but I really have the next few weeks (months?) fully planned with this build! :)
Most of the gear has been delivered alleady and I am free off work on vacation.

So now you ask yourself... "With all this gear, will it still float?"
Very good question..... LOL!
Lets find out!!

Author:  Husse0416 [ Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Build Blog, my Hobie TI (3) 2017 project

Adding third extra aka!

So started out this morning with the arrangement of the new akas.
They must be angled forward aprox about 10dgr so they will be about 3cm to short to reach out to the centerline of the amas.
My first idea was to replace the original black aka tubes with new custom made tubes but I will first try to use the original tubes. After removing them I will slide them out 3cm and put temporary screws in. Will try them out and if this seems to work I will glue and rivet them in place again.

The tubes are riveted and glued into the hinge mount from the factory. I was a bit worried about this fact about the glue.
Removing the old pop-rivets was easy. After removing the rivets the first tube came out pretty ea just tapping it hard with a pice of wood.
With the second tube I was not as lucky. It just would not budge!!
Tried tapping it with a piece of heavy steel tube (after protecting the tube from scratches with tape) .... nope no luck.
Tried to cool the inside of the tube with CO2 from my fire extinguiser.... did not help.
Silicon and 5-56 lubricant...different type of solvents.... nope no luck!
Finaly I tried to use my vice and my heat gun. The heat got the glue to soften and with a fair amount of brute force it slowly let the grip go and the tube slided out. The mount is a little bashed on the outer edge but it will be ok after a bit of filing and trimming of the edges.

So I guess my personal recomendation for unmounting the Hobie aka tubes (if anyone else does this) is to carefully aply heat to soften the glue.

The next task for today is to cast a caster mould of the rear section of the amas for the fiberglass mounting bracket for the outer end of the new rear 3rd akas.

Will keep you posted! :D

My god I just realize that this project will take a lot of time away from my fishing!! :O Outch!


Author:  Husse0416 [ Wed Jul 26, 2017 1:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Build Blog, my Hobie TI (3) 2017 project

I tried out the setup just loosely with zipties. This really could work pretty nicely!


Author:  CR Yaker [ Wed Jul 26, 2017 2:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Build Blog, my Hobie TI (3) 2017 project

Okay, I have to just ask. Why a third aka?
My rule is, less is often more.

Author:  Husse0416 [ Wed Jul 26, 2017 3:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Build Blog, my Hobie TI (3) 2017 project

CR Yaker wrote:
Okay, I have to just ask. Why a third aka?
My rule is, less is often more.

Oh there are several reasons for a third aka.
1. Better space on "rear deck" when fishing. When needed the tramps will include and go all the way back to the new rear aka.
2. As for now I have found it really hard to climb up front when sailing to be able to balance the boat from the tramp. With the new setup I can easily climb out to the side from the rear seat.
3. I need several fixing points spread out on the craft for rodholders and downriggers when trolling. The original rear aka is out of reach from the rear seat and simply to far ahead
4. More loading room on the tramps when hauling gear on long trips.
5. With a third aka mount you get the option to move back the amas and sail with them in the rear position. Check out the vids from the TI3 guys. I have never tried this myself but the balance of the boat looks really good on their vids when sailing solo.
6. Looks kinda cool! :)
7. Because I can.... :D
And all my extra gear will be optional, easily removable making it possible to set up the kayak for the specific need in every aspect for the given task for the day.

Disadvantages ...? Sure there are, allways are..
1. Cost and a lot of work..... Well I can afford it and enjoy to messing around with stuff like this.
2. It will be almost impossible to paddle by hand with the rear tramps deployed.... But I have the pedals, electric motor and the 4-stroke apart from the sail so I hope I will be fine. With the rear tramp folded I can still paddle pretty good even by hand.
3. More gear to setup.... but this project is allready over the edge so I really dont care about that. I am hauling this beast on a trailer anyway.
4. Drilling holes and changing the original Hobie setup might depreciate the TI.... oh I really couldnt care less.

So for my puroses I hope this extra option will add some of what I want.
I could have opted for a 21 feet regular fishingboat but this is just way more fun andI just love the sailing part. Just moving along with the wind is really nice with or without a third aka. :)

I have my other small "chepo budget kayak" I use when I want to keep it simple. It usually tugs along on my car roof during the summer. I often make a stop by the lake on my way home from work. The mrs sure thinks I put in a lot of overtime geting home late from work. LOL!

And as for qouting fortune cookies I just might say.... "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!"
All the best!

Author:  Husse0416 [ Thu Jul 27, 2017 3:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Build Blog, my Hobie TI (3) 2017 project

Revising some of the plans for the new akas...

Started the day with cutting, marking and messuring the position of the rear aka cross-bar. Looks nice. This will be one of the few things in the build that will be permanetly fixed to the TI. Most of the other stuff will be made removable. Nice to have the option to kit the kayak for each occation or to do further mods in the future..


After a bit of thinking (not my best quality) I realised that my plans for using the original aka tubes just wont work. :(
The longitidal(forward) load on the arm when the rear trampoline is mounted and weighted down (by my plump person) will create torsion forces on the tube. The original aka tube are placed firmly in the deep holes in the amas and can easily handle this kind of force. The hinge is designed to flex and does not stabilise the torsion force. I just cant figure out a way to make a new mount that can be fixed at the rear of the amas for the extra aka arms that will handle the torsion force. I could add som sort of longitudal strut but for now I will go with my previous erlier idea and use a new longer tube that instead. This will be angled forward aprox 45 dgr meeting the original rear mount in the amas. I will fix the end of the new tube to the outer end of middle aka arms. This sollution also gives med better acces to the water surface from the rear seat without having to turn around. I will loose some "deck space with this "triangle" but I still have plenty.

So now I have to find a 1-5/8 (41,3 mm) tube!? We dont use the Imperial system in Europe (Why dont USA adapt to the rest of the world?).
41 or 42 mm propably works fine but is really hard to find,. 40mm (std messurement) will give to large gaps but I might have to settle with this if I cant find the perfect dimension in Sweden.
Adding a pic of the new setup just mocked up for checking the angles with a scrap tube.


Author:  Husse0416 [ Thu Jul 27, 2017 7:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Build Blog, my Hobie TI (3) 2017 project

Mocking up / trying out the outboard mount and beach wheels.
(And yes... there are some issues to solve here. :O )

I only have my old 4hp motor (for my rubberboat) to take messures with. (Still deciding what new outboard to get for the TI)
Short rig on the old motor. The motormount will be ok and sure seems sturdy enough. I like the position of the motor on the aft side. The control/grip is just at the right distance for comfort on longer runs (and my left ear already has tinnutus).
I have noticed that most other TIs with an outboard has the motor on the starboard side? I wonder if there is any special reason for this?
The distance/hight up to the upper edge to my motormount will be aprox 23 cm (~9") messured from the gunwale. I figure this is ok with a short rig motor?
I wonder what the optimal deptht/distance is for an outboard motor on a TI?

The beach wheels will not impede the fishing to much in the upright position and I think I have a workable solution for the foldable stand.

BUT!!! ( Big issue here )

The big wheels block the motor so it will cant fold down. Bugger!!!
I sort of figured this would be a problem when planning the project but in a futile kind of optimism I just had to try it out IRL out before making other plans.
So what to do about this dilemma? At the moment (as mostly) my mind is pretty blank an I have no good sollution to the problem.
Lots of ideas whirling around but none that I really like. I just have to give it some time and see if I can figure it out.
Happy sailing! :)


Author:  Haliboo [ Fri Jul 28, 2017 2:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Build Blog, my Hobie TI (3) 2017 project

WOW - I'm absolutely buzzing to see how this project evolves. Personally I nearly always sail/motor from the rear seat but miss the fact that the tramps are better suited for the front seat. I remember seeing the original TI3 project and thinking that it would be great to have the 'third aka'...

Good luck and thanks for posting all the pictures.... looks great so far :D

Author:  Husse0416 [ Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Build Blog, my Hobie TI (3) 2017 project

Haliboo wrote:
WOW - I'm absolutely buzzing to see how this project evolves. Personally I nearly always sail/motor from the rear seat but miss the fact that the tramps are better suited for the front seat. I remember seeing the original TI3 project and thinking that it would be great to have the 'third aka'...

Good luck and thanks for posting all the pictures.... looks great so far :D

Thanks a lot mate!
The project still has a long way to go but this will be my major fishingplatform for a long time ahead so I really want everything to be 100%.
All the best!

Author:  Husse0416 [ Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Build Blog, my Hobie TI (3) 2017 project

40 mm....

After searching for 1-5/8" tubes from any Swedish retailer with no result I put that on hold for the moment.
Today I picked up 40mm tubes (3mm thickness) from my local suplier. I just layed them out to get the feel of the setup and it seems like a nice setup. They give me a lot good mountingpoints for the rodholders well within reach from the back seat. There will still be enough space on the new triangular tramps easily step out of the rear seat to get around.


Today I am starting the manufacturing of the inner mounting plates for the rails. I will use a strip o 2mm stainles steel and weld the nuts (8mm) on the inside. When mounting the plate/rails I plan to apply a generous amount of hard Sikaflex on the inside to even out the presure on the kayak plastic. Hope this will work.

( I am still trying to find a smart way to mount both the beach wheels and the motor mount :? )

Author:  Husse0416 [ Fri Jul 28, 2017 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Build Blog, my Hobie TI (3) 2017 project

To be able to better construct, mock up and messure the motor mount and wheel carriage I drilled and mounted the rails and aka cross bar.

I drilled out the original 1/4" holes in the black plastic cross bar mounts to 8mm. Total of 4pcs of 8mm bolts on each side in the rails. I hope that will be enough for both the motor and wheels. There is a heavy load on the bolts and I guess the inner mounting plate is crucial to avoid the plastic from cracking.


"Messure twice and cut or drill once!" I did not want to mess this up! :)


I got all the holes exept one perfectly in line but was able to press in the last bolt with a small amount of brute force.
Just temporary bolts for now that will be replaced with stainless bolts later on.


So I now own a Hobie TI with a lot of holes in it... :D Will it float!? :shock:

Next job is to messure and mark the inner mounting plate and weld on the nuts... hmm I just realise that I dont have any 416/A4 stanless 8mm flange nuts!
Got to get some more hardware!

Author:  Husse0416 [ Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Build Blog, my Hobie TI (3) 2017 project

Flexible or rigid attachment??

The aka arms are normaly flexing back and forth about an inch in the longitudal direction.
Now as I am figuring out how to connect the outer end of the new aka arms I have to decide about the amount of flex. The new forward angled aka tube makes a triangle and so acting as a strut. There will be no room for flex or play if I make a solid connection. The longitudal movement/force will be transfered along to the new rear aka crossbar and definiately stopped.
I was planning just to firmly bolt it down but now I am not really sure about that. To take all the flex out of the system might move the forces to affect someother point in the aka/ama setup. It also puts a lot of stress on my new rail/cross bolts in the aft.

I think I will keep some of the flex and make a connection that allow some longitudal movement but still gives some extra stability.
Some sort of bungy attachement maybe would work?

Author:  Husse0416 [ Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Build Blog, my Hobie TI (3) 2017 project

Just grinding and welding.

I marked out and drilled the inner plates today. I was planning on using a 2,5mm stainless plate but I realised that it propably was not sturdy enough considering the lenght 60cm and all the heavy load. So I am using a piece of 25x25mm stailess tubing insted. The tube will not fit the narrow slot inside the hull så I had to make a cut and bend it a little.


Unforunately I could not find any flanged stainless steel nuts at my local suplier (they are way better för welding on). So I had to settle for regular nuts.
The result is not very pretty but as long as it fits (still have to try to fit it to the kayak) and does the job I hope I dont have to see it ever again after its been mounted and attached for the last time.

A few hours of daylight left so I will try to mount it before dark. :)
Nope... I wont!
Bugger... !! Two of the nuts are jammed after welding and I have to drill them out and rethread them or change them out completely. Also the tubes are a bit scewed from (heat elongation) I might have to align them again. A job for tomorrow... :(

Author:  ictuhs [ Sun Jul 30, 2017 1:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Build Blog, my Hobie TI (3) 2017 project

When i viewed your first image, i thought will he putting rudders on the end of those akas.

I like where you're going with this currently, looks great! and have thought many times of doing something similar to where your idea is heading.

Also cutting and melting ibc totes! for a range of different applications. Just a thought.

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