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Hobie 16 Parts - Parting out Entire Boat
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Author:  harriw [ Wed Jul 07, 2021 5:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Hobie 16 Parts - Parting out Entire Boat

Parting out a 1975 Hobie 16. Hulls are not worth saving in my opinion, but everything else is available. Hulls are available as well if you're looking for a project, but I can't say I'd recommend them.

Tramp is white vinyl, and appears to be the original. It's stiff and weathered, but quite functional. 2 sets of sails available (2 mains, 2 jibs), both white. Both sets look perfectly usable, though they're a bit old and blown out. The first set is a genuine Hobie set and has some stains. The other appears to be aftermarket and is cleaner, but has a few small holes that could stand to be patched, and a seam or two where the stitching has torn loose. Being a '75, everything is bare aluminum, NOT the black anodized. I'll post the various parts and some prices in a little bit, but I have the complete boat and should have whatever you need. Most of the gear seems to be pretty standard for these early boats. It has all the original seaway blocks, but the jaws were all upgraded to Harken jaws at some point along the way. It does have a jib traveler system setup that appears to also have Harken jaws, but the springs on some of those jaws are shot and the lines are pretty weathered so I'm not sure it's worth your money. I'd be happy to pull them and come up with a price though if anybody is interested in giving them a shot.

I've taken lots of pictures, and can send them on request (or take more of whatever you'd like). Send me a zipcode and I can provide a shipping quote as well. Buyer pays shipping and any paypal fees (Fees can probably be avoided by using friends and family).

Boat is located in Penfield, NY (just east of Rochester, NY). If you're local, pick-up is certainly an option (and is probably the only option if you're interested in the mast).

If there's anything you're interested in or looking for, you can PM me here on the forum, email me through the site's email link, or call/text me at 585 - seven seven three - zero eight four three.

Thanks very much!

-Bill H

Author:  harriw [ Sat Sep 11, 2021 10:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hobie 16 Parts - Parting out Entire Boat

Just posting an update: Many parts still available with a few sold. One of the jibs has been sold, but 2 mains and the other jib remain. Someone also bought the Jib halyard block assembly, the lower mainsheet block, and the 10-hold adjuster plate. Everything else is still available as of the moment.


-Bill H

Author:  harriw [ Sat Nov 13, 2021 12:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hobie 16 Parts - Parting out Entire Boat

Just another quick parts update. Mast, boom, and tramp have all been sold. One of the lower rudder castings as well, but the rest of the rudder parts are still available. Still have 2 main sails, 1 jib, all the frame pieces (both extrusions and castings), and most of the standing rigging.


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