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PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:21 am 
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I loved sailing my Adventure Island and love the Tandem Island even more. Space and budget dictate that I cannot keep both but I confess there are days where I would like the nimble "coupe" feeling of the AI and other days where I prefer the "limousine" feel of the TI and the ability to take someone out with me. Sure I had tramps and then hakas for my AI but it wasn't really ideal for taking someone out (apart from kids as passengers) and even less convenient if they wanted to learn how to sail.

And here is where the TI takes us to another level - Teaching others how to sail. I just "gave" a birthday present to the daughter of one of my good friends (she's 8 yrs old) - the gift is that I am going to take her out and give her sailing lessons in my TI and make a movie of it for her at the same time - she was stoked. I took her parents out last week and did a similar thing. I'm in the process of adding a second video camera to provide two camera angles on the videos. The Tandem Island is a perfect platform to teach someone some basic sailing - I see it like the two-seater airplanes that are used to train pilots with dual controls - it couldn't be better for the purpose of teaching someone to sail.

When I teach someone I always keep the sheet loose in my right hand and the other hand rests close to the rudder control, just in case that big gust of wind catches us off guard, or the boat dock travels towards us much faster than is safe - you know what I mean. Its such a simple craft to learn for kids that getting to the "fun" part is very quick and kids can learn to sail with no complications and even getting wet in the front seat is seen as a bonus !

Sailing is one of those sports that teaches kids responsibility (care of the boat and navigating the waterways to avoid objects and other craft). It gives them a sense of pride in being able to command a vessel at a much younger age than they will be able to drive a vehicle, yet the disciplines are much the same. It promotes good judgement and encourages them to fine tune their skills as they learn more and more the subtlety of setting the sails to cope with the changing winds, tides and currents all in the safety of the "training seat" confident in the knowledge that if they did make a mistake that the real Captain is there to step in and take over at a second's notice.

Yes, the more I think about it this is a part of owning a TI that I had not considered much when I bought it - but now I can see some BIG pluses in teaching other, especially kids, to sail, and I was wondering how many other TI owners have found the same thing?

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:01 am 
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I have asked my local Hobie dealer to give prospective buyers my phone number. I have been able to give them real demos far more comprehensive than a "spin round the block", and so far I have a perfect batting average.

There is also nothing better then hearing a power boating friend, sitting in the back seat say "is this the rudder?, knowing that in no time at all I become the passenger, and they realise why I don't need a 100hp outboard!

Tony Stott
2012 Tandem Island "SIC EM" with Hobie spinnaker and Hangkai outboard
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2013 6:55 am 
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To date, I have taken six others out in the TI, at least a couple under the pretense that we were going fishing. Four of those six became so enthralled with sailing that they have bought sails for their kayaks and are leaning towards moving on to something like an AI, or even a cat. One even said he really didn't care about the fishing anymore and just wanted to sail.

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