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PostPosted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:47 pm 
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I've been enamored with the TI ever since I saw a pair of them in the Broken Group islands on the SW side of Vancouver Island, BC in the fall of 2018. At the time I thought there were 2 people with gear on each TI on a multi-day trip in cold water.
Now I'm wondering if it was really 1 person w/ gear per boat, because it seems like there wouldn't be much room for the camping gear, food and water in addition to the people weight.

Can some TI owners chime in and tell me what is a realistic amount of weight you put on your boat (including passengers) and still expect adequate performance? I believe the TI weighs 240lbs rigged and is rated to carry an additional 600lbs, but I question what the performance would be like with that much weight on board.

Some other small trimaran designs have a rating for buoyancy at DWL (designed water line). When I subtract the displacement of the rigged boat from that number I'm getting around 300lbs-400lbs load capacity for boats in the 16-20' range. One designer told me if his boat was floating 3/4" deeper, it would hold another 100lbs of load, but that performance would suffer.

Your advice would be appreciated.


PostPosted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:41 am 
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There are two aspects here regarding to the TI.
1. Realistic maximum weight carrying capability (ignoring legalities). The 600# CE certified limit relates WEIGHT ADDED TO the centre hull only (as Hobie cannot presume that the amas have not been removed), SO THE WEIGHT OF THE HULL(S) IS not deducted from the totaL*. Each ama can support approximately 250# without submerging (personally verified). Even assuming that the main hull cannot support more than the Hobie specification (my guess it is at least a further 150#). I have seen a photo of a TI carrying two people, with the main hull totally flooded, and they were still able to sail! OK, so doomsday scenario is a total of around 1100# I have added six pool noodles inside my hull (fit up along the side rails), which alone provide enough buoyancy to keep the 2 people afloat...

2. Practical maximum weight
The 600# is not going to be much of a problem given the reserve total buoyancy of 500# from the amas.. Performance won't be sparkling, but you won't be sailing a leadmine either.

Of course, if you really want to carry more weight, towing a cheap "toy" inflatable raft can handle extra camping gear

* The DWL by definition must include the weight of the empty vessel, so carrying capacity is >additional<

Tony Stott
2012 Tandem Island "SIC EM" with Hobie spinnaker

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