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PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 3:10 pm 
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KB, when I installed the bow posts, I did consider adding a bow wave deflector as you describe. I think it could be done fairly easily. The day I was out testing in 20 mph winds, the bow was doing a lot of wave cutting with the result that a lot of waves were coming straight over the bow.

Jim, the dimensions are in my original description of the construction of these miniskirts:


2015 AI 2, 2014 Tandem

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex ... It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." A. Einstein

PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:10 am 
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Thanks Keith !

PostPosted: Sat Jun 22, 2013 9:34 am 
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Table of Contents for This Thread


    I’m thinking of buying a Hobie AI. Discussion of whether a Hobie AI can carry enough water for camping trips. Near the end of the page, there is a gap from July-Nov when I did not post. I did buy a yellow AI in September, 2007.

P. 2

    First Trip: Goodland to Cape Romano, Nov 6-8, 2007 Lou Greenwell, Bill Waller, and me. Dave Whitford came out for the day in his AI.

    Flamingo to East Cape Sable, Thanksgiving Weekend, 2007 Rick Bartoli, Lou Greenwell, Pat Owen, Lori & Nick, Nancy & me.

P. 3

    Pavilion Key Trip, Feb 4-6, 2008 Bill Waller, Dan Wisor, and me. Dan’s boat flooded so badly he sold it.

    Flamingo to Chokoloskee Trip, Feb 25-Mar 2, 2008 Bill Waller & me. A 35-mile day. We meet a bunch of kayakers on PAV: Dave Whitford, Alex Oancea, Don McCumber, Lou Greenwell, Erika Fitzgerald.

P. 4

    A Fishing Trip to East Cape Sable, Mar 20-23, 2008 Alex Oancea, Lou Greenwell, Rob Jordan and me—great trip for shark fishing, crocs along shore & in back country

P. 5

    Sorry, this post has been damaged during the recent Hobie Forum change. I may repair it someday. Trip to Tiger Key w/ Lou, Alex, Bill Waller & me. You can see another Tiger Key trip w/ Google Earth images on p. 9...


    Thanksgiving Weekend on East Cape Sable, 2008 6 kayakers: Nancy Eichert, Erika Fitzgerald, Lou Greenwell, Brian Singer, Beverly Richardson, & Nancy. I was in my AI. Rescued hawk; left vulture.

P. 6

    CHOKOLOSKEE-PAVILION KEY, Jan 18-21,2009 Tremendous winds on return. Great pictures of wildlife along US41.

    Flamingo to Chokoloskee, Feb 19-25, 2009 All kayakers incl. myself. Others: Jon New, Pat Owen, Karl Bateman, Erika Fitzgerald, Janet Lineback, and Nancy. Bobcat at ECS. Natasha Pyle & Alex Oancea joined us at Highland Beach. Pictures of bobcat, raccoon, deer tracks in campsite.


    Flamingo to Chokoloskee, Jan 13-18, 2010 Bill Waller, Nancy, & Myself. Extremely cold trip, strong winds. Contains picture of heavy water splashing. Discussion of Hobie AI diving & wet ride starts in this story & continues on this page.

    Further discussion of more rocker for the AI and/or amas.

P. 9

    Tiger Key, a Paddle-In, Fishing—an Everglades trip Bob Quirk, Bill Waller, Lou Greenwell, Bob Manz, and I did this trip. Bob went in a day early and Cindy Augustyn joined us at the paddle in. I lost a rod/reel while fishing (sail line hooked it.)

P. 10

    I’ve purchased a new GPS--This post has been deleted

    Flamingo to Chokoloskee, Jan 10-16, 2011—aborted trip, fog/weather problems. Included Bob Quirk, Charlie Fast, Rick Parks, Nancy & me.

P. 11

    Rescheduled Chok to FLM trip, Feb 8-14 Rick Parks, Rene Potvin, Jon New & me
    Ft De Soto Park to Flamingo to East Cape Sable and back with winds to 40 mph (34 kts). WaterTribe Everglades Challenge, 2011

    Gear Lists

Outside this thread

    A fortunate change of events: new vertical rudder installed
    A discussion about obtaining and installing the new vertical rudder. Tips on installation. Comments about dealing with an unhelpful Hobie dealer—Hobie support to the rescue.

P. 12

    The Storm: AI/TI in 40 knot winds, shark encounter, tethered under a capsized boat

    Advice for camping out on an AI/TI on our 7-day Chok-FLM trip

P. 13

    Chokoloskee to Flamingo, Jan 16-23, 2012...An Inauspicious Beginning: One Sunken AI, One Empty Bottle of Scotch Mark Krawatsky, Tom Reese, Rick Parks (head down), , setting in front of Charlie Fast, Jim Quinlan, Josh Morgan, Nancy and me

    Tiger Key, Feb 10-12, 2012—A “Paddle In” Bust, WaterTribe Icons, and Rudders, Rick Parks and me.

P. 14

    Pavilion Key—New Faces and Good Fishing Jim Quinlan, Gil & Yadira Companioni, Denise & Josh Bowers, Alex Oancea, Erika Fitzgerald, and me.

P. 15

    Navigating Chokoloskee to Pavilion Key Google Earth images

P. 16

    Google Earth images for our trip to Cape Romano, Nov 12-14 or 15, 2012

    Cape Romano—A Coastline in Transition Jim Quinlan, Josh Morgan, Terry Wilson, Bill Waller, Nancy, and me

    Terry Wilson’s Cape Romano Trip Report with pictures

P. 17

    Hakas—Making Camping Easier

    Construction of Expedition Hakas.

    A Couples Camping Trip—Middle Cape Sable Steve & Maria Sanders, Tom & Debbie Turner, Nancy & me

P. 18

    Flamingo to Chokoloskee: A Trip of Firsts...My solo trip

Outside this thread:

    DIY “ROIDS” Front Hatch Seal—2 big tests done; it works!
    Description of new, 100% leak-free, front hatch seal

P. 19

    First Enhancement of My Haka Table Extended angle braces so table would be stronger, more stable

    Seats and Seats—WaterTribe EC2013 Survey of seats on some WaterTribe boats

    A Trip to Pavilion—WaterTribe E2013, Haka Table, Choppers, Rough Waters, and a Good Time

P. 20

    DIY Expedition Spray Skirts

P. 21

    Pavilion Key—Last Trip of the 2012-2013 Season in the Everglades 10,000-Island Area…

    Video of Expedition Spray Skirts—A Test and the Anatomy of an Aka Splash

    Miniskirts (Expedition Spray Skirts)—A Name Change and Modifications

P. 22

    Table of Contents for This Thread

    Rust! A favorite topic of mine, especially when it comes to rusting out cars due to car-topping AI/TIs

    Have you checked your up/down lines lately? Frayed rudder lines due to trailering (or car-topping) AI/TIs long distances

P. 23

    GoPro Hero 3+ Black Action Camera -- Burst Mode

    Fusioneng's first GoPro video

P. 24

    Look Ma, no hakas Best test of my bow-post mounted miniskirts w/ video

P. 25

    Wow! Check Out This GPS Marine & Lake Chart App for Tablets Discussion of Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet, it’s GPS capability, and the app “Navionics Harbors&Lakes USA.” Contributions from other forum members.

    My camping trip—I crashed Canceled camping trip when faced with strong headwinds

P. 27 ... &start=390[/url]

    A number of posts about vacuum sealed bags and camping meals. Continues on P. 28.

P. 28

    Back to Vacuum seals and Jet Boil meals—kinda rhymes more discussion of camping meals in this post and on this page.

P. 29

    Once Upon A Time…There was this little girl who wanted to grow up to be a fisherwoman--A story

P. 30

    Proposed Major Trip of the Year: Chokoloskee—Pavilion Key—Hog Key—Highland Beach—Pavilion Key--Chokoloskee

    The 7-Day Loop Trip out of Chokoloskee has been scrapped. Instead, because of more favorable winds, I've decided to do my annual (again, solo) Flamingo to Chokoloskee 7-day trip.

    Miniskirt mounting, Bow Wave Splash Deflector Bar, Navionics App Update on miniskirt mounting, description of "bow wave splash deflector bar," update on utility of Navionics Harbors&Lakes USA app on my Samsung Tab 3.

    Hobie Adventure Island Trailer--Double
    Assembly and wiring Description of my delivery and building of the Trailex Hobie AI double aluminum trailer.

P. 31

    We're Going to Miss You, Terry
    Cape Romano, Mar 28-31, 2014 Picture story of our trip to remember our friend, Terry Wilson

    Steve Sanders Pictures of Cape Romano Trip—no title

P. 32

    The Best Fishing Trip Ever--(with pictures to prove it) This was the best fishing trip—there were fish all around, all kinds of fish. Further offshore, there were schools of fish which made the water boil, but all our fishing was done from shore. An amazing trip.

    Discussion of embedded hook removal--WARNING: all methods painful.

P. 33

    Tonystott describes his miniskirts

    Brief & incomplete discussion with YakAttaque of using the Tandem Island as an expedition boat for solo camp trips. Questions are raised.

    Tonystott describes his miniskirts bow post mount and "wave buster," as well as his double bungee system for connecting akas to amas

P. 34

    How to Include Pictures (Images) in Your Hobie Forum Posts--Step by Step Instructions--This post has been deleted

    Further discussion between YakAttaque and myself regarding the suitability of a TI for camping—weight and tide changes are key.

    AI/TI Use in the Puget Sound Area of Washington State—A User’s Perspective An excellent description of this area’s sailing and camping.

    ChangeMan and Fusioneng discuss wing sails.

P. 35

    I’m wondering where YakAttaque is? When are we going to get his trip report?

    Advice to a Friend A short discussion of skin cancer: detection, sun exposure, age, risk factor and occurrence

    First Trip of the Season—Chokoloskee to Pavilion Key Nov 29-Dec 3, 2014 All WaterTribers on this trip.

    YakAttaque survives epic trip to Vancouver Island and delivers a first rate video

P. 36

    More from YakAttaque about his trip as others chime in

    Discussion of ways and means of hauling our camping TI/AI above the high tide line

P. 37

    Further discussion of hauling boats above high tide line

    Tony enlightens us that “drop bears” do not drop—they are not even real!

p. 38

    Good discussion about safety on an Island Key safety items every person who ventures offshore in an Island should have on his person. SPOT is a key item for peace of mind.

    Discussion of bear threats, real and perceived Bear canisters, Black bear bluff charges & stalking

p. 39

    Further discussion of safety equipment List of IPXX codes (degree of water resistance of electronic equipment)

    Rene’s Excellent Adventure Rene Potvin’s Everglades trip with Chekika, Published in Small Craft Advisor

    YakAttaque produces another excellent video of his favorite camping trip on his Tandem Island

    Proposed major trip of 2015: Chokoloskee—Pavilion Key—Hog Key—Graveyard—MidCape Sable—Flamingo This trip includes the Everglades. If you include the option of an 8th day for Flamingo to Key Largo, you will have done the 2 most difficult segments of the WaterTribe Everglades Challenge.

    How to Have Fun Camping in the Everglades—Chokoloskee to Pavilion Key, Jan 19-21, 2015 This a great read—funny & informative.

p. 40

    Stuffed on an Everglades beach During recent trip thru Everglades in rough seas, I “stuck” the landing—an unexpected surf landing

    2015 Mirage Adventure Island—What’s in a name? multiple reasons for referring to the new 2015 AI as “AI 2” in order to clearly distinguish this truly new boat from its predecessors, the “AI.”

p. 41

    AI 2 Physical Characteristics. Part 1 Discussion of the characteristics of my new, 2015 AI 2. Sail size, mast length, Vantage CT chair, centerboard, bow shapes, new amas, hull depth. Where appropriate direct comparisons to the pre-2015 AIs are made.
    Remainder of page includes others comments and questions

p. 42

    My First Sail With My New 2015 AI 2 Joe Slama & Henry Ovares joined me on my first sail. Includes short video and pictures. Others join in the discussion

p. 43

    A number of posts regarding the height of the AI 2 Vantage CT seat relative to the older AI cloth seat.

    AI 2 Physical Characteristics. Part 2. Further discussion of the AI 2 vs the AI with lots of pictures and dimensions. Placement of my new lift handles. Use of large space under the Vantage CT seat when on “high” position.

p. 44

    At the request of NOHUHU, I realize why the AI 2 front hatch is made longer—to accommodate the Mirage Drive. Pictures and measurements

    The best Trip Ever, Chok to FLM, Feb 1-7, 2015

p. 45

    AI 2 Physical Characteristics. Part 3. Cradles The AI cradles are totally unsuitable for the new AI 2. Pictures and discussion.

    Discussion of cradles and means to transport the 2015 AI (AI 2)

p. 46

    Night Sailing—Tricks & Tips Lengthy discussion of night sailing—taken from WaterTribe forum.

    AI 2 Physical Characteristics. Part 4. Miscellaneous—read’em and weep (or perhaps, rejoice)

    Discussion of the weight of the AI 2 and its consequences

p. 47

    Continued discussion of the weight of the AI 2 Lengthy discussion of weight & why Hobie’s site lists a deceptively low value.

p. 48

    Matt Miller provides the correct weights of the AI 2 components and assembled weight

    Matt Miller & Jacques Bernier of Hobie provide further insight into the weight and capacity of the AI 2

p. 49

    High Adventure or Leisure, Shakedown Cruise? Depends on Your Viewpoint. Susan Cocking’s Miami Herald article about one of our trips. She was a first-timer and saw the trip from a different perspective than the rest of us.

    Don Haynes Trip Report Don discusses his experience on our trip to Pavilion Key. Don, with wife Dianne on board, was testing their 2015 Hobie Tandem Island as they tried to beat a severe storm and high winds to Pavilion Key. Others were turned back by the conditions.

    Pavilion Key Trip — Questionable weather but always good friends. Our little adventure into the teeth of a storm. An extension of Don Haynes report, including a couple pictures in the Smallwood Store Museum in Chokoloskee. Also, some brief personal accounts by individuals.

    Sailing the AI 2 (2015 AI)—Overpowering the rudder. Comment about AI 2 being rudder seemingly overpowered in winds 16-17 mph w/ gusts to 20 mph.

    Keep-out lines for my AI 2 Description of my keep-out lines designed to (1) allow the nylon aka brace shear pin to break while (2) keeping the aka/amas from folding with subsequent capsize of the AI. A strong bungee section gives the keep-out lines some “shock absorber” capability.

    Fusioneng’s comments about shear pins, breaking forces.

    Test of My Keep-out Safety Lines Actual, on-water test with video to see if the keep-out lines worked at 4 mph and 5.5-6 mph.

    Pros and Cons of my 2015 AI (the AI 2)

    Modification of my Vantage CT seat kickstand default position Personally, I find the default position of the Vantage CT seat to be VERY uncomfortable and inconvenient. I describe here my simple modification to correct the problem. This post also shows my new Vantage seat tether.

p. 50

    Further discussion of methods to keep the akas/amas from collapsing in case of an aka shear pin break

    300 Mile Camping Trip--Jim Czarnowski’s 14 min video of his Unofficial Everglades Challenge

    2015 Everglades Challenge—Island Images

    Test of My Keep-out Lines—8 mph

    Further discussion of weather helm on the AI 2

Outside this thread

    2015 AI Capsize
    A good discussion about my AI 2 capsize at the start of a camping trip. Much more detail about the capsize and recovery is given on page 2 of this thread. Scroll down until you come to “The Capsize and Recovery”

p. 51

    Modifications to my AI 2

    Opportunities in the Arid, High-altitude, Western US

p. 52

    Discussion of doing the Florida Paddle Trail through the Big Bend Area

    250 Mile Round-trip from the Mouth of Confluence of the Columbia River to Reed Island

p. 53

    Major trip of year announcement, Chok-FLM, Jan 20-26, 2016

    Quick comparison of 2014 Tandem mast to that of the 2015 AI 2

    SnoreBringGator comments about diving ama/akas and things breaking I use Snores comments to suggest this was the cause of my aka brace shear pin break and insta-capsize. Discussion follows.

    Discussion of Nylatron shear pin for the AI 2 to replace Hobie's one-size-fits-all pin

p. 54

    Discussion mostly between Walt and myself about whether the shear pin broke or whether the aka brace knob unscrewed leading to my insta-capsize Walt feels the insta-capsize was due to the brace knob malfunction

p. 55

    Windup of Walt & my discussion of knob malfunction vs shear pin break causing insta-capsize

    Done! First Sail With Our Tandem

    Trips--2016 List of planned trips for 2016

    These kids know how to sail!

    2nd Bungee on Tandem Ama Picture and brief description of adding a second bungee to ama.

Outside this thread

    Design Flaw
    A discussion about both AI 2 and Tandem main sheet cleat & turning block placement. Good suggestions about alternatives.

p. 56

    Weather Helm: AI vs. AI 2 Short discussion of how the much larger AI 2 sail affects the weather helm compared to the earlier AI boats.

    This Trip Started a Year Ago… A Cape Sable trip report which spans a year.

    Hobie's "One Size Fits All" Practice on Critical Components Comment on Hobie’s questionable practice.

p. 57

    Innovations and events on our 2016 Chokoloskee to Flamingo, 7-day trip A brief list of observations with comments from our recent Chokoloskee to Flamingo trip.

    Discussion of Marty's roller compared to other methods

    Stoves Discussion of camping stoves: cost vs durability. Alternatives to expensive stoves.

    More discussion of Marty's roller

p. 58

    A Most Challenging Trip A trip report of this year's Chokoloskee to Flamingo trip. Tough, but successful trip

    Bob Smith’s Excellent Solo Adventure Excellent trip report

    Survival in the Everglades Jim Czarnowski's harrowing experience during the WaterTribe 2016 Everglades Challenge

p. 59

    The Treasure of Pavilion Key A trip report with a twist--a twist of scotch.

    Preparation for the WaterTribe 2017 Everglades Challenge A list of planned trips in preparation for the 2017 Everglades Challenge

p. 60

    EC Training Trip 1: Ft. Desoto to Checkpoint #1 The first of 3 training trips for the 2017 Everglades Challenge. The plan is to sail and camp along the route we might use IF we do the Everglades Challenge. This first 2-day trip covered about 65 miles from Ft Desoto to Checkpoint 1 at Cape Haze Marina in Placida, FL. Paul Links from Atlanta, GA, came down and joined Rick Parks, Debbie Turner, and myself for this trip.

    Preparation for the WaterTribe 2017 Everglades Challenge A list of planned trips in preparation for the 2017 Everglades Challenge

    Fusioneng points out the options for sailing around Sarasota area where he resides

p. 61

    EC Training Trip 2: Bokeelia to Everglades City
    Nov 30-Dec 4, 2016 This was the second of our training trips for the 2017 Everglades Challenge. It covered about 105 miles from Bokeelia, FL, to Everglades City (approximately EC Checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 2). Rick Parks, Debbie Turner, and myself did this trip. We did approximate 30-35 mile days, starting about 9 AM and finishing about 5:30-6 PM (around sundown or a little after each day.

    Brief discussion of the bridges leading from the mainland to Sanibel Island

    Cancellation and new plans We changed our plans for the 3rd Training trip. Instead of a 1-day, 35-mile dash across FL Bay from Flamingo to Key Largo, it is now a full-fledged camping trip, which covers much of the technically difficult parts of FL Bay out of Flamingo, but ends at North Nest Key (we camp) and returns to Flamingo the second day. It is a 2-day trip of about 28-30 miles/day. This is technically the most difficult part of the Everglades Challenge.

p. 62

    My external rudder lines. Discussion of external rudder lines

    Brief discussion of Nylatron pins vs Hobies aka brace shear pin

p. 63

    EC Training Trip 3: Round Trip Flamingo (Ckp #3) to North Nest Key and BackI described this trip as a failure—we had to quit—but, others suggested we learned a lot.

    ShiftyFin posted an excellent video of his trip in LapLand

    Stronger Aka Brace Shear Pins—the simple nylon bolt

p. 64

    WaterTribe 2017 Everglades Challenge Updates The updates begin on this page

    WaterTribe 2017 Everglades Challenge Updates Bones was behaving strangely on Day 4. He had to be rescued and recovered nicely after a couple days in a Homestead hospital.

p. 65

    A more detailed update on Bones

    CaptGnarly’s broken aka During the WT EC2017, CaptGnarly broke an aka on his 2010 TI. Excellent video of his wilderness repair.

    WaterTribe 2017 Everglades Challenge Boats A couple unusual boats in the 2016/17 EC.

p. 66

    WaterTribe 2017 Everglades Challenge Boats MrMako’s carefully thought out TI

    Update on Bones…in Bones Own Words

    Serge Tesla: “500 Days—Around the World on a 12-Foot Yacht

p. 67

    Suggestion for a New Hobby…Quadcopter Drones

    Drone Pictures of Petroglyphs Near Taos, NM

    Flying My Drone into the Rio Grande—First flight

    Flying My Drone into the Rio Grande—Lost! Description of flying my drone into the Rio Grande and losing it on its return.

    Big Rock Rapids and Baby Huey Drone flight over the lower Rio Grande pointing out some land marks and history

    Lost Again Description of losing my drone a second time

2015 AI 2, 2014 Tandem

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex ... It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." A. Einstein

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Wow. I can't WAIT for retirement.

Hopefully, all my adventures will need Haka dining tables and a table of contents too. :mrgreen:

Great thread, Keith!

PostPosted: Sat Jun 22, 2013 2:36 pm 
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Great idea Keith! Reading through your terrific tales is really motivating!

Tony Stott
2012 Tandem Island "SIC EM" with Hobie spinnaker and Hangkai outboard
only cool people follow the (non-magnetic) titanium weight-loss program! lol.)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 8:03 am 
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Thanks, NOHUHU and Tony. As fellow posters, we all know it is important to get a bit of feedback on our efforts. Here is another one.


While this thread has been aimed at using our versatile AI/TI for camping, I feel this thread can also be used to instruct (building hakas and miniskirts). One of the seemingly most misunderstood dangers to people’s equipment is corrosion, especially corrosion resulting from a salt water environment. I have no statistics, but my guess is that, as a group, we spend hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars a year on corroded equipment (e.g., corroded akas, fishing equipment, electronics, trailers, and transport vehicles.) My most recent post on corrosion can be seen at

Because of its importance, I am repeating it here.

I've been a long-time critic of roof-topping any kayak/AI/TI because of the inevitable rusting out of your vehicle. If you plan to sell your car every 3-4 yrs, you could pass the rust problem on to the unsuspecting buyer--just be sure he/she is not your friend.

Trailering your boats is a much better idea, but you can be sure if you do not buy a galvanized trailer, or better yet an aluminum trailer, you are going to have serious rust no matter how thoroughly you wash your trailer including springs, axel, etc. If your steel parts (trailer or car) come in contact with ANY salt water (yes, even 1 drop), the rusting will begin. No matter how good the paint job, no matter how thorough the rinse with fresh water, the rust will continue.

This advice is coming to you from a person who has rusted out all kinds of steel equipment in South Florida--even equipment which has never touched salt water. The difference between a salt water environment such as south Florida and a fresh water environment, like the mountain west, is amazing. I have tools in the Rocky Mtn environment that are 25 yrs old and look like new. The same tool in S FL would be covered with rust, maybe unusable, in 5-10 yrs. To the degree possible, all my tools in S FL are kept in boxes/drawers, some sprayed with WD 40, to reduce their exposure to the salt water environment. I live 3 mi from the coast in S FL.


2015 AI 2, 2014 Tandem

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex ... It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." A. Einstein

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What needs to be said here as a clarifier as well is that people who live by the sea have the salt air to contend with. Salty dew at night can truly take its toll unlike the saltwater sailor who drives inland enough at the end of the trip so the salt air is not a problem.


PostPosted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 11:27 am 
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I have had my AI in Florida on vacation, and I have had no real issue with rust. What rusts on the AI? I can see a little corrosion, but aren't our metal parts aluminum?



Hobie Adventure Island.


PostPosted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 11:51 am 
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There are plenty of bolts, shackles etc which are stainless steel, not stainLESS not stainfree, and you CAN see rust. Have a close look at the bolt-heads for your rudder up/down controls, and you might see some discolouration.

Tony Stott
2012 Tandem Island "SIC EM" with Hobie spinnaker and Hangkai outboard
only cool people follow the (non-magnetic) titanium weight-loss program! lol.)

PostPosted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 2:28 pm 
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jzk, you will not see any rust during a week or 2 vacation. There may be a little discoloration on your stainless steel parts, but it is cosmetic and not a problem. The rust I am talking about above is rust to your car due to cartopping your Island. Cartopping any kayak or Island used in saltwater causes inevitable rust to your vehicle. It is like a cancer. You may not see it at first, maybe not for several years, but it is there and it is spreading. Ultimately, it is deadly to your car. If you can see a spot of rust break through your paint, there is much more underneath the paint, and it is spreading. You can pass the problem on to someone else by selling your car every 3-4 yrs, just be sure not to sell it to a friend. Of course, that solution is cowardly and unethical. Better to avoid the rust by NEVER, not once, cartopping your kayak or Island.

Aluminum is also subject to severe corrosion when you have the combination of steel in contact with the aluminum in a saltwater environment. That combination, steel-aluminum-saltwater sets up galvanic corrosion which is extremely corrosive to aluminum. Unlike with your car, this corrosion is impossible to avoid if you use your Island in saltwater. My advice to you is to thoroughly wash your Island with fresh water when your vacation is over. Especially wash the insides of the crossbars and the akas. The saltwater inside these parts continues to accelerate the aluminum corrosion. The corrosion of the crossbars and akas shows up in the form of the paint coming off. Some people ignore this inevitability (these parts become pretty ugly;) others sand their akas down and repaint them.


2015 AI 2, 2014 Tandem

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex ... It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." A. Einstein

PostPosted: Fri Oct 18, 2013 8:39 am 
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Nov 18-21 First Camping Trip of the Season. Back to Cape Romano—Celebrate Terry’s New AI

Terry Wilson did her first camping trip with us last year when we went out of Goodland to Cape Romano. She pedaled/paddled her Hobie Adventure alone on a paddle route, while the rest of us sailed around the tip of Cape Romano. She had one great evening as she fished the cut from the Gulf into Morgan Bay. You can read about it all at

This year Terry has a new AI, so we are returning to Cape Romano to celebrate in style. I hope you can make it. It will be the first camp trip of the season for most of us. Last year we did it Nov 11-14, but the tides are not great for those dates this year, so I’m suggesting Nov 18-21 (TK is Nov 28.)

The tides are a few inches lower than last year, when it was a bit dicey one night. Our camp had the coordinates: 25⁰ 51.145’N, 81⁰ 41.030’W. The Cape Romano area is subject to year to year changes, but that was a nice site, and we will try to use it again this year.

My apologies to those who can only get out on the weekends. We need to do Cape Romano during the week so that we can use Stan’s Restaurant parking lot, although we will probably launch from the public ramp down the street.

If you have a question, post here or drop me a line at kwellma at gmail dot com.


2015 AI 2, 2014 Tandem

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex ... It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." A. Einstein

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Yay and double yay. Now if I can just make the time to get out in the AI this weekend and tryout the spineboards I bought for hakas, I'll be good to go.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2013 8:32 am 
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Sorry, this trip has been postponed until Mar 31-Apr 3, 2014. Guaranteed GREAT fishing at that time, and Terry will be an old pro with her new AI.

Return to Cape Romano is close! This can be thought of as a beginner trip. We are celebrating Terry’s first trip using her new AI.

Nov 18…11:30 AM…Launch from Goodland Public launch at end of Palm Point Drive. We will park there or back at Stan’s parking lot. Sail to Cape Romano and camp at last year’s camp. Image

Nov 19…Fish, relax, take photos, whatever--your choice.
Nov 20…ditto
Nov 21…2 PM…Leave Cape Romano, return to Goodland.

Launch times are intended to be near high tides so we don’t have to worry so much about shoals under sail. If you need to leave Cape Romano earlier, it should not be a problem.

I have no idea if our campsite is still available. This shoreline can change dramatically very quickly. For example, here is an image of last year’s camp—Nov 11-14, 2012. Note the cut through into Morgan Bay. Image

A little over 2 months later, on Jan 23, 2013, that cut had been closed:

It has been about 10 months since that Google Earth image was taken. What will it be this year? Will the cut be back? Will our campsite be washed away? We will find out. What I know for sure is the campsite we used several years ago is gone--the shoreline was about 50-100' further out into the Gulf of Mexico. The sand & beach has been pushed back into the mangroves and Morgan Bay to what you see in the images above.

At this time, participants are Terry, Nancy, Josh Morgan (aka TideTraveller), maybe Don Haynes (aka TriBlue) and myself (Chekika).

If you want to join us, or have questions, call me at 305-979-3362 or email kwellma at gmail dot com. Time is short.


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"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex ... It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." A. Einstein

PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2013 7:38 am 
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First trip of the season for most: Pavilion Key, Dec 5-8, Thu-Sun, 2013

With the re-scheduling of the Cape Romano trip, this trip becomes the first of the season. This can be considered a beginner’s trip, provided you have someone guide you from Chokoloskee or Everglades City to Pavilion Key. You can guide yourself if you are proficient with a GPS--I will furnish a route with wpts to get you from Chok to PAV. Pavilion Key is considered the “Gem of the Everglades.” It is a great place to spend a long weekend. You can sail, fish, walk the beach, take tons of pictures, swim, and explore other keys as well as Pavilion. At early morning low tide you should be able to walk the flat to the west side of the key to see a variety of sea creatures. I hope you can make it. You can read about last spring's PAV trip at Scroll down the page to the PAV trip.

Time is short, so if you are going to join us, let me know ASAP. Questions can be posted here or call or write me at kwellma at gmail dot com.

Current people planning to do the trip are:
Terry Wilson
Ted Jean
Jim & Yvonne Quinlan
Don Haynes
Sharon Hutkowski
Geoff Kendrick
Joshua Morgan
Pat Owen
Charlie Fast
Nancy Wellman


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"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex ... It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." A. Einstein

PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 7:10 pm 
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Have you checked your up/down lines lately?

When trailering your AI, the vertical rudder does not stay centered; at least it doesn’t on my 2011 Adventure Island. The first little bump causes the tiller to drop down and the rudder swings counter-clockwise. Once this happens, leverage prevents the rudder from re-centering. When the rudder swings off-center, the up/down rudder lines rub on the rudder pin guide and abrade. Over time and many miles of trailering, those lines become badly frayed. Here are some pictures.

Rudder turned counter-clockwise

The lines chafe as they rub on the guide during trailering.


Close-up of the frayed lines


Ideally, you would like the rudder fixed in a centered position with the lines passing through the middle of the guide.

My simple solution is to put a stainless steel pin (1/8”cotter pin) directly through the tiller and into a 9/64” hole in the hull, as seen in this picture.


The pin fixes the tiller in position to maintain the rudder centered on the hull and the up/down rudder lines centered in the guide. There should be no wear on the lines when trailering the boat.


Happy holidays,


2015 AI 2, 2014 Tandem

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex ... It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." A. Einstein

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