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PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 5:04 pm 
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You always have to be careful about thinking (and saying) that some modification you did is faster without taking any real measurements and under what conditions the measurements were taken.

However.. I have tried the boom (rev 2 - top of a 100% carbon very light and stiff windsurfing mast) several times on a Denver lake with a lot of racing. Both times I have had the pedal drive in the rear ane the plug in the front. So my "data" is from sailing with these other types of boats. Sometimes the other guys were in an actual race, somethings just out sailing but Im pretty sure that when the little plastic Hobie starts to pass them, it ends up an unofficial drag race.

In light winds, Im always fast because I pedal.. so that doesnt really count (but that is the way I enjoy using this boat - I didnt spend about 1K on the pedals to not use them). When the wind is enough for boat speeds up over say 4 mph, I have been passing a J22, C30, P21 and P23 keel boats in about any wind or angle. When the wind picks up and I start getting speeds in the 7 to 8 mph range, Im usually considerably faster.

However, this lake has a fleet of Lasers and Lightnings. I can keep up with these boat but I think if I entered one of their races, I would not win. But.. I can still sail with them. I used the boom in the whisker pole mode for presenting max area for downwind and think I was at least keeping up with the Lightning using spinnakers deep downwind.

So.. Im liking the boom. What Im missing in my test is trying the same sailing without the boom but I know in the past that I could not keep up with a well sailed Laser. No doubt the boom used as a whisker pole is faster down wind. Boom adds almost no setup or takedown time and with the outhaul release cleat (see the video a few post back) that allows the boom to be easily connected or disconnected, I still get the easy to use high wind range made possible by the easy reefing on the single sail.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 10:36 pm 
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I sail every week with lasers and others (running a course on the lake...... so real sailing and no pedals):
- upwind I always loose (their angel is way better), can't even get close (and I have a Jib, so a bit better angle already)
- downwind... light winds ok (i pull it to the ama), stronger winds.....a laser planes (shoots past you)
- Strong winds...... they struggle to not flip over, you might win (i can still drink coffee
- Tacking at the bouys.....I loose a lot of time (no pedals), laser is 2 seconds and done)
- Reaching I am a bit faster but not all all reach angels

Downwind speed with the surfsail (mounted the mast): I am faster (tested with the laser, no gps data)

Your boom setup:
- really smart setup (like it), I am sure it will be faster downwind and have more saling power on reach (a bit better to control)
- the AI/TI just has a really bad upwind angle...... that's why I started experimenting with the surf sail (used the mast as stub)

In real life sailing (competition): it can not compete at all, mainly because off the upwind angle.

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