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LIst of changes over life of Islands
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Author:  beebrain [ Wed Mar 06, 2013 1:24 am ]
Post subject:  LIst of changes over life of Islands

I think it would be useful to have a comprehensive list of all the changes that Hobie made over the years to the Adventure Island and Tandem Adventure Island, and when. This would be useful to someone who wanted to see what had changed since the boat he/she owned, or was considering buying, was made. It would make sense, once the list was compiled, to place it in the FAQ area. I have communicated with Matt about this, he likes the idea, but doesn't have time, or even the records, to compile it.
I figured the collective experience of the people in these forums could probably come pretty close to a complete list of what has been modified.
I am far from expert on this myself. I have a 2008 AI and a 2010 TI, and know some of what has changed since then on these boats, though not always an accurate idea when. However, to get things started, I am posting a list of things I could think of, and I will compile any additions or corrections to this that appear in this thread, and present it to Matt for checking and posting when it seems fairly complete.
For any item, it would be good to know when it went into production, what it is, and whether it can be retrofit to older boats. Please follow the same format, with two dashes between fields (--) to make it easier to compile.
Thanks for your help.
Adventure Island:
2007--AI introduced
2010 --click in drive clamps--no retrofit
2009--rudder up/down lines--can retrofit
2011--Tilt up rudder--no retrofit
2012 --Twist loc seatpost--can retrofit
2012 --Drive alignment pin--no retrofit
2011--line-centering rudder pin--can retrofit with modification
Tandem Island:
2010?--TI introduced
2011 --Tilt up rudder--can retrofit
--5/16" ama bungies--can retrofit with modification
--glued aka castings--can retrofit (tools)
2011.5--stronger mast socket base screw--can retrofit
2012--scupper reinforcement--can't retrofit
2013--1.5" tramp webbing--retrofit only w new tramps
--inflatable lumbar pad--can't retrofit
--Inflatable seat cushion--optional equipment, retrofit for all
--Expandable seat post--can retrofit
2012 --Twist-loc seat posts--can retrofit
Mirage Drive
--v0 drive (SS sprocket)
--adjustment decal can retrofit
--V1 drive (set screw mast) numerous changes might retrofit but...
--V2 drive (screw-in mast) numerous changes, could retrofit but...
--pedal pads can retrofit
--pedal bungies--can retrofit
2012 --Drive alignment pin--can't retrofit
2013.5--spine w/surge block, molded alignment pin--could retrofit

Author:  Bcastile [ Mon Mar 18, 2013 11:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: LIst of changes over life of Islands

A couple things for you to add to your list:

2012 - scupper reinforcements for AI. This was a running change though so not all 2012 kayaks will have them.

Click n go MirageDrive attachments came out for the 2009 model.

May 2007 - Balanced Rudder change for AI

new aka hinges - 2011 model

TI introduced Spring of 2010 for the 2011 model year.

MirageDrive guide tracks - 2012 model year.

Inflatable Lumbar - 2010 model I believe
expandable seat pegs 2010 model year

V1 plastic sprockets - 2005 model year
v1 plastic drums - 2003 model year (I think)
V2 drum shaft - 2009 model year
V2 sprockets/masts - 2009 model year
V2 drums/cables - Spring 2008, before 2009 model year

Author:  Tom Kirkman [ Mon Mar 18, 2013 11:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: LIst of changes over life of Islands

My 2012 TI doesn't have scupper reinforcements.

Author:  Chekika [ Mon Mar 18, 2013 11:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: LIst of changes over life of Islands

BCastile--my 2011 AI seat does not have the inflatable lumbar support.


Author:  beebrain [ Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: LIst of changes over life of Islands

Thanks for the input to the list. I was beginning to think no-one had any interest in this project.
I have and will represent changes that appeared in some of the boats of a model year as half-years. E.G. 2011.5 will mean boats from late 2011 have it, early 2011 don't, but I won't try to figure out just when in the year (or serial number, which would be ideal) it happened.

I hope that Hobie will start to keep records at the level of detail that would include date and serial number of both tweaks and major changes. I, for one, am willing retrofit my boats with such things as, for example, stronger socket bolts when experience shows they are needed, and Hobie updates them and makes them available.

I am thinking that reposting the whole list from time to time, rather than editing my initial post, which subsequent posts corrected, makes the most sense. Any feedback?
If noone points out why that is a bad idea, I will post a new list soon, with the above updates and others I have learned about.

I will also include part numbers when the retrofit is accomplished by a part

Author:  tonystott [ Mon Mar 18, 2013 1:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: LIst of changes over life of Islands

Great effort! You can bet there are any of us grateful for the list you are compiling

Author:  Bcastile [ Mon Mar 18, 2013 1:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: LIst of changes over life of Islands

The scupper changes were made over a few months. It required pulling the mold out of production for some time. Since we have a lot of molds to update, and always other maintanance projects going on, something like this had to be a running change and not all done for the model year.

Chekika - Thank you for pointing that out about your seat. I thought those seats had been out longer than they have I guess.

We have records of the changes with serial numbers. It's not compiled into a list like this so they can take some research to find. If there is something you are curious to know, and can't find on the forums, send me an email or PM. Just don't ask for a list of all changes for a certain model for its entire history!

Author:  NOHUHU [ Mon Mar 18, 2013 3:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: LIst of changes over life of Islands

OK, I'll take "Useless Hobie Trivia" for $1000, Alex. ;-)

I offer these for your list, in rough order of appearance. Others can fill in the blanks and pinpoint the years. If I missed anything, our jeopardy master KBob can chime in with it.

Beebrain, since you brought it up, we'll let you organize these braindumps by product and year. I just hope we are not duplicating the work done by MadMax.


Original fiberglass dagger 2007
Plastic dagger introduced 2008?

Original rudder fixed with SS pin?
Twist and stow (small) rudder system
Twist and stow (large) rudder system
gudgeon based twist and stow rudder
gudgeon based in-line (straight) larger sailing rudder (spring 2011 for TI)

Male mast base pin / female receiver cup 2007
Female mast base hole / male pin receiver cup 2008

Mast receiver changed from 2007 fiberglass (with string pulled SS release clip) to molded plastic with plastic retainer clip on top (2008?)

Akas - Original Anodized or powder coated finish?, to e-painted, to anodized

(BTW, Aka hinges can be referred to as V1 (pinned) and V2 (clipped )

gudgeon based twist and stow rudder
gudgeon based in-line (straight) sailing rudder (spring 2011 for TI)
reinforced gudeon screws (3?)

position of main and furling cleats changed?

mast bearing plate welds changed/reinforced

Stronger rolled SS set screw for base of Vbrace (2012?)

Color changes for AI/TI Starting with blue 2006 Adventure (conversion) to new dune.
Tiller changed (larger handle/new angle/knob option)
Side handle changes (new wetter version)
Sail bags changed/shortened?/cheapened
Reinforced sail foot (white) around 2012
Trim-lok seals and bow hatch flange changes
New recessed badge on bow of 2012 models
Numerous cupholder "enhancements" :roll:

introduction of ST and ST Turbo fins

Various scupper carts and cradle dollies (getting headache now)
Deeper gear buckets

FUTURE (in the works)
Jib Kit?
New drive well plug.
Hobie badge logos that don't peel/wash off?
Bean bag captains chair option :mrgreen:

Author:  beebrain [ Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: LIst of changes over life of Islands

Here is the updated list. Please provide corrections and additions you know.
In the retrofit "column" (sorry, not table capacity here), "yes" means the part can be replaced separately of whatever it part of. "Kit" means Hobie has a multipart kit to retrofit; "tools" means you will need more than basic tools; "mod" means other things will need to be modified.
, year –Update --retrofit?—Part#
Adventure Island:----

2007 --AI introduced----
2007 --balanced rudder--yes--
2008?--black plastic daggerboard (replaced white fiberglas)--yes--
2008 --female mast pin system (formerly male)----
2009 --rudder up/down lines--kit--
2010 --click in drive clamps--no--
2010.5?--gudgeon twist and stow rudder--no--
2011?--Side handle/water diverter--no--
2011 --Tilt up rudder--no--
2011 --line-centering rudder pin--yes (mod)--81394021
2011 --V2 (clipped) akas--no--
2011 --larger, angled tiller handle--no--
2012 --Twist loc seatpost receiver--kit or part--81275001
2012 --drive alignment pin tracks--no--
2012 --hatch gasket (molded-in bubble)--yes (vertical only)--71301001
2012 --Mast V-brace stronger set screw--yes--88991215
2012 --recessed bow badge----
2012.5--scupper reinforcements--no--
2012?--reinforced sail foot--no--
--glued aka castings--kit (tools)--81412001
--anodized aka finish--no--
--painted aka finish--no--
--vertical hatch combing--no--
Tandem Island: ----
2010.5--TI introduced----
--V2 (clipped) akas----
2011 --in line tilt up rudder (orginally twist&stow)--yes--
2011.5--stronger mast socket base screw--yes--
2011.5--Mast V-brace stronger set screw--yes--88991215
2012 --scupper reinforcement--no--
2012 --hatch gasket molded-in bubble--yes--71301001
2012 --recessed bow badge--no--
2012?--reinforced sail foot--no--
?--5/16" ama bungies--yes (mod)--
?--glued aka castings--kit (tools)--81412001
?--reinforced gudgeon screws--yes--
?--double welded mast bearing plate--no--
?--front cleat position changed--no (mod)--
?--front cleat position changed back--no (mod)--
--unspecified cupholder "enhancements"--no--
Major Accessories----
2012 --Cart Cradle for TI--option--80044202
?--fiberglass shaft paddle--no--
2013 --1.5" TI tramp webbing--no--
Seats ------
2011.5--inflatable lumbar pad--no--
2010 --Expandable seat post--yes--81265101
2012 --Twist-loc seat posts--kit (tools)--81276201
?--Inflatable seat cushion--option--72020028
Mirage Drive ----
<2003--v0 drive (SS sprocket, alu spine & drum, cottered mast)----
2003 --v1 plastic drums--yes?--
2005 --V1 drive (set screw mast, plastic sprockey, spine & drum)--multiple changes--
2005 --V1 plastic sprockets--yes?--
2008.5--V2 drums/cables--yes?--
2009 --V2 drive (screw-in mast, new drums, chains, sprockets)--multiple changes--
2009 --V2 drum shaft (anti spin)--yes?--81090001
2009 --V2 sprockets/masts--yes?--
2012 --Drive alignment pin--no--
2013.5--spine w/surge block, molded alignment pin--yes--
?--adjustment decal--yes--81172001
?--pedal pads--yes--72020034
?--pedal bungies--DIY--RS018BLK
?--ST fins--yes--
?--Turbo fins--yes--

Author:  beebrain [ Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: LIst of changes over life of Islands

Thanks for the additions, and the attitude. I don't know of MadMax's work, and can only find one post by him on the forums. I also hope I am not duplicating...

Author:  rusty_sojah [ Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: LIst of changes over life of Islands

what is:

1.5" TI tramp webbing
& spine w/surge block, molded alignment pin?

gonna do some research on my own now but thought i would ask since i doubt i will find much out on the outroweb. thanks,

Author:  beebrain [ Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: LIst of changes over life of Islands

Visiting the Hobie factory in February, I saw a stack of new Mirage Drives. They have a spine which incorporates a plastic pin to fit in the alignment slot on newer kayaks, (replacing a metal pin in recent mirage drives, they would have to be cut off to fit older boats), and the spine also had a shape which made it a better plug for the drive well, making the rubber seals that were available to reduce surge from the drives (or from sailing) unneeded, and, I expect, doing a better job than they did. I was told that they could be retrofit to existing drives. I do not know of a special part number for them, it may be same number as the prior spine. Perhaps Matt will enlighten us.

I also read on the forums that 2013 TI's had wider webbing and webbing buckles than older boats, presumably stronger, though I have not seen this myself. I don't know if they are any easier to get tight.

Author:  petersumm [ Sun Apr 14, 2013 1:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: LIst of changes over life of Islands

I'm really interested in this as there's a 2009 AI on sale near us at the moment.

How significant are any of these changes? Do they fix major shortcomings with the previous design?

Also, are there any other issues with older boats that buyers should be aware of?


Author:  beebrain [ Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: LIst of changes over life of Islands

Good, that is exactly why I created the list!
Things I would say are pretty significant (opinions may vary):
Click in drives are handier and maybe stronger
Tilt up rudder is way more authoritative, but many find twist and stow adequate for AI
I upgraded my seatposts, the twist locks are much handier, and more secure.
corrosion problems on salt water likely to be less on crossbar of clipped V2 akas than pinned ones (alu/ss galvanic corrosion issues), probably not an issue for fresh water only
rudder up/down kit should be on 2009, but if not count on doing it.

Other things are nice, but not worth considering a new vs used boat for, in my opinion.

Author:  niswanger [ Fri Jul 09, 2021 6:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: LIst of changes over life of Islands

Anyone know if this list was transferred somewhere else and kept evergreen?

When was the Vantage Seat introduced?

When did the hull/ama displacement increase?

I'm considering buying a 2013, anything in that model year I need to know about?

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