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PostPosted: Sat May 25, 2013 9:43 pm 
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Aloha from Maui - I wanted to put it out there on the forums that I am looking to buy a used Adventure Island on the mainland for my summer trip as I am coming from Hawaii. I'm willing to pay a fair cash price if I can find one. I will be arriving in Illinois July 4th.

I will be spending time in my home state of Illinois (from north to south end) and then plan to drive out west with an AI on top of a truck if everything works out ideally. There's a lot of scenarios that could work for me. I have wrapped my head around the logistics of my journey quite a bit and there are a number of variables...

Ideally, I'd just buy an AI in Illinois, drive it out west and put in at as many spots as I can find to sail it along the way, or that's the idea. But knowing I might not find a used one in Illinois or close by, I am open to buying one further west. But ideally, I can find one before I get all the way to Cali where I figure they will be more common but by then I would have passes 2,000 miles of sailing spots with no AI if you follow me.

So, if you have one for sale anywhere in a 500 mile radius of IL or so, please reach out to me if you can wait until mid- late July or so. I will have cash to pay for it, and can leave a deposit to hold it or we can work something out if we can establish mutual trust. I have at least one well known old salty member here who will vouch that my word is good.

Thing is, once I get to California, I will have to sell it quickly, or find a reasonably priced way to ship it to Hawaii so I can sell it or have it here. It's not that I really want a long term AI on the mainland, I just want the use of one for a couple months or so without having to drive it back to where it came from. Thus, if anyone wants to sell/buy an AI they have in the midwest to/from someone out west, I could transport and use it along the way, offer money for rental, etc. That's a reach I'm sure, but am throwing out any scenarios that could work.

I'm open to other ideas or any suggestions on this logistical issue I have here. Bottom line is I want an AI to buy/use for a couple months roughly between Illinois and California or the Northwest and then I need to sell it/drop it/ship it/store it(?) somehow.

Feel free to contact me directly at

I'm about to post a separate topic on this, but I am also looking for suggestions and info on regional conditions from IL to CA or anywhere where someone wants to encourage me to sail an AI. I'm open to lakes, rivers, ocean. What I want to know is based on the time of year (July - September) I will be through a given area that you are familiar with or would suggest, what I might expect out of the area regarding wind, typical weather expectations for that time of year, other local considerations for the body of water, etc etc. I am mostly used to sailing on lakes and rivers in the midwest or the big Pacific here in Hawaii, but have little idea of what to expect, say if I dropped into some random lake in New Mexico or Colorado… or if I can even expect to find wind in a given region that time of year at all. I will also be prepared to do camping expeditions from the AI depending on certain factors… if there are good water based camp sites at a location, comfort and confidence with conditions at a given time or for a span of time, potential costs involved, etc. So, I would love to hear any ideas for dropping in a place for a day, or a place that would be good for a short-term camping expedition. Maybe I can meet some folks along the way and hook up with regional clubs if the timing works out too… it would be fun to meet some folks and sail with others too.

Thanks for reading!

Maui, Hawaii
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PostPosted: Tue May 28, 2013 8:14 am 
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use to search craigslist - enter the zip and a search radius

When looking for Hobie's I use "Hobie Island" as the search criterea as it covers both AI and TI

Sounds like a dream trip ... then again, living on Maui sounds like a better dream trip !

Alan W.

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