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 Post subject: Re: What options?
PostPosted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:39 am 
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Thanks for the tips everyone!

I don't plan on going offshore anytime soon. Aside from a couple sunfish on vacations when I was a kid, I really don't have any sailing experience. So I'll be staying in the shallows close to shore for a while since there is no rescue team out here. Probably mostly around this area where we have kayaked with Hobie mirage drives before -
And some extra rudder pins, etc, are a good idea since it can get really shallow there.

Two Honda motors sounds nice though, I don't doubt I'll get there one day.

The spot I'm most interested in the cart is here -
Which is about 300 ft from parking the car to the water. The goal being to get just around to the east of that area and anchor up. The spot is called "Big Cut" because of the way the reef opens up which you can see here -
There is some FANTASTIC snorkeling there, but you can't get there from shore (we've tried.) That would be a bit down the road though, need to walk before I start up an outboard.

 Post subject: Re: What options?
PostPosted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 7:08 am 
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We do those types of launches often, what we do is take the AMA's off the boat, then roll just the hull to the water on our HD scupper cart, (when we can't launch with our trailer (hand pulled as a launch cart), I then carry the AMA's separately (one in each hand), down to the water. The hull alone rolls no harder than our old Oasis did. I prefer the foam filled HD tires on everything except ultra soft deep and dry sand, (in Sarasota our sand is very deep and soft (like sugar), and it can be a half mile walk to get to the water in places, we don't typically launch in those areas, we usually launch nearby, (kayak launches, boat launches, or roadside, then go hang out at the beach. In our case it's about 5 miles from where we launch, to the beaches and sand bars we like to hang out at. Another good reason for the motors is if you have to pedal at 2-3mph, (basically hours) to get you where you want to be, your not going to want to go, in our case it takes about 30 minutes, where we typically meet up with our power boat friends, who have to launch from marinas typically many miles away.
Just tryin to help here

 Post subject: Re: What options?
PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:13 pm 
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head_dunce wrote:
A fully rigged TI is already over 190 lbs.

As-Sailed, my AI is almost exactly 250#.....

The TI has an advantage over the AI in that the scuppers are located properly to get a balanced load on the beach wheels.

My AI's "Lift" weight at the bow when I am moving it on the scupper wheels is aroundd 50# - which seems trivial and is for a short haul, but which getsold as the haul gets longer longer.

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