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PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 10:39 am 
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try a search on "small sailing trimaran" or something like that. Lots of designs come up. I cant say for sure but I would bet that none of them are even remotely as successful as the Hobie Adventures even though no doubt some are faster. But so is an old Hobie 14 along with pretty much every cat Hobie has every sold. FYI, try comparing raising the mast on just about every one of the faster cats compared to the TI mast.. TI mast setup is so much easier. Of compare the mast raising to any of the same size or larger Tri's..

I like the boat as is with some minor tweaks but its not the only sailing boat I have. Another idea that I likely will never try but I find somewhat interesting.

Instead of the floppy mast and furling sail (which I actually really really like on this boat), how about a bendy carbon fiber rotating wing mast with about a 8 to 12 inch cord. Attached to the carbon fiber wing mast would be a fat head soft sail. Maybe total sail area of 5 to 7 sq meters. You would have both a sheet for the soft sail plus a "sheet" or rotation control for the CF wing mast.

Wing mast have to be rigid to support the pressure differences they can generate without distorting so you really cant do this with soft double surface sails (been tried over the years.. doesnt really do much). Might be stayed or maybe not. In higher winds, you could probably just sail the boat on the mast alone. But.. this would snowball and you would be wondering what speed improvement you would get if the whole boat was carbon fiber and much lighter.

One question.. what makes you think a wider tail end would make the TI plane? Just making the back end wider does not resemble at all any traditional planning hulls. I think the chances are just as good that it would just slow you down from higher wetted surface. Are there any examples of existing trimarans that have some sort of wide back end?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 09, 2018 10:40 pm 
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A hull that's fast in light air / displacement conditions AND high speed planing tends to have a deep v forward and a flat run aft. They need not be wide, just flat. Long, skinny hulls have problems planing because they don't have enough wetted surface to weight ratio- but long skinny surfboards don't have that problem. If you make the TI much lighter, it already has the deep vee forward. A much flatter run aft would encourage surfing at least, if not outright planing, esp. with the body weight aft as it is on a TI.

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