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Look at this mirage drive
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Author:  agust_inp [ Sat Jun 21, 2008 2:00 am ]
Post subject:  Look at this mirage drive

Do you see anything different? Who sees it?


And hello from Spain. I finally own an AI, after long time reading and learning with your posts. Here sure there are not many AIs, they are very expensive (4000 € = 6000 $).

Author:  plfinch [ Sat Jun 21, 2008 7:29 am ]
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That is a "Reverse" Mirage drive - great for backing into slips and stuff!

Author:  sunjammers [ Sat Jun 21, 2008 7:39 am ]
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pedal shafts seem to be on backwards

Author:  BNelsonR [ Sat Jun 21, 2008 10:57 am ]
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is it an optical illusion or is one fin not as wide as the other? But that can't be the problem, right?

Author:  agust_inp [ Sun Jun 22, 2008 12:36 am ]
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Fins are the usual, and pedals too.

Another pic:


Well, maybe with this one you can see better:


Author:  kepnutz [ Sun Jun 22, 2008 7:04 pm ]
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These crank arms look to have been cut down in length and the pedals retapped into a new hole.
Im curious why anyone would want/need to reduce the length and thereby the leverage of the cranks.
Even more so when using Turbo Fins on a regular basis.. :?
Kepnutz :?:

Author:  robertse [ Sun Jun 22, 2008 7:19 pm ]
Post subject:  shaft / legs

perhaps this mirage drive was originlly retrofitted to a different kayak other than a hobie - I read somewhere the some people are adding them to kayaks and canoes other than the hobies...

Author:  Roadrunner [ Sun Jun 22, 2008 10:09 pm ]
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Crank arm/pedal assemblies sure look reversed to me. 8)

Author:  agust_inp [ Mon Jun 23, 2008 1:19 am ]
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Hello. Well, kepnutz was near to give the correct answer. The cranks were cut, but at their base, not at the pedals zone. The pedals are at the original position.

Roadrunner, the pedals are not reversed, they are at standard position.

Robertse; this drive is for my adventure island.

The history is as follows: my adventure island arrived a pair of weeks ago. But i still haven't used it as an AI.
I used it as a kayak. First used the normal fins. Then installed the turbo fins. I found the normal fins pedaling too soft, so i'm going to use the turbofins forever.

But i found too that the pedals of the mirage drive are too high. I don't like to have my feets so high when pedaling. I'm surprised i'm the first to feel that.

So i ordered the pedal crank left and right 81222001 and 81221001. And cut them at their base. The crank has two drilled holes, one for attaching it to the mirage drive and the other for adjustment (that is 1 mm smaller). I used this last for attach it to the drive and this way only drill one new hole. I did it with a lot of care, so the holes are exactly at the correct position.


I had to cut a bit at only one of the borders of the the "pedal adj assy" 81236 because the pedal hit it when pedaling. Now The pedal is always up, the second border of the "pedal adj assy" hold it in position.


So now my feets stand lower when peddaling. Hobie should make an adjustable heigh for the pedals drilling holes at different heighs on the cranks.

Somebody may think that now peddaling using turbofins is harder. Yes, it is harder. And i like it. I hated the soft peddaling at the first, using normal fins and long cranks.


Author:  Tom Ray [ Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:37 am ]
Post subject: 

I like your truncated Mirage Drive.

I have mostly sailed my AI, and this weekend did my first trips using the boat as a kayak. I found that my usual pedal position #6 made my feet numb and my left knee uncomfortable. I switched to #7, and was more comfortable with my legs further in front of me and lower, but found that my shoes kept hitting the footwells, so I couldn't take full strokes.

Going back to #6 with shorter cranks would solve my problem. High gear and Turbo Fins. Now I just need a bigger sail. ;)

Author:  agust_inp [ Mon Jun 23, 2008 6:14 am ]
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Tom Ray wrote:
I like your truncated Mirage Drive.

I found that my usual pedal position #6 made my feet numb

Thanks. I feel much better with the shorter cranks. Yes, my feet were getting numb too after some time pedaling. Very dissapointed with that.

To cut the cranks must be made VERY carefully. Screws must fit exactly in their holes.

Author:  sunjammers [ Mon Jun 23, 2008 8:07 am ]
Post subject: 

The Crank arm/pedal assemblies are on Backwards. Simply switch the left and right. The part number will in in a "R" and "L"



Author:  yakman [ Mon Jun 23, 2008 2:41 pm ]
Post subject:  pretty cool

nice work

Author:  plfinch [ Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:29 pm ]
Post subject: 

Brad from Sunjammers and my original post are also correct. The pedals are revesed / upside down. The flat part of the pedal goes at the bottom and the curved part goes on the top - it is cut to be higher at your big toe. So if you installed and used the pedal drive such that the flat part was at the bottom, as designed, then the masts would be toward the rear and the drive would take you backwards (which was the first thing I noticed).

I do find the concept of shorter crank arms interesting. My legs are very strong and, even with the ST Turbos tightened all the way, I feel that the resistance provided is still very low. Plus with a 30 inch inseam I think the shorter throw of the shorter arms might be more ideal. Keep us posted on how it works out!


Author:  agust_inp [ Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:47 am ]
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You all are right, the pedals are "reversed", as you said. To be honest, i didn't noticed it until you told me. I used the modified drive only once, and the feeling was ok. Much better than with the long original cranks. The reversed pedals weren't an issue. In fact, now that i know they are reversed i think i going to left them this way. Maybe i take off the pedal straps.

My pedal cadence is slow. The good thing of the mirage drive is that it is impossible to get tired peddaling.

After use the AI only as a kayak, tomorrow, if weather is good, i'll try AI trimaran mode for the first time. My sail experience is 0.00. So if you don't have any news about me at few days, is that i'm travelling across the ocean and maybe reach the florida coast :wink:

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