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PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 6:11 pm 
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Does anyone have a Porstmouth rating number for the Adventure Island?

One has recently joined our catamaran fleet races, and it would help to have a PN number, even if only a swag.

Pymatuning Sailing Club

PostPosted: Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:28 am 
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In the right wind conditions, dead clam to very light, the AI would definitely be faster even if you didn't unfurl the sail. As a matter of fact, you could probably gain speed by leaving the mast and amas on the beach.

It sure would be nice to hear how the AI does against the other boats when you sail it. By the way, you get more speed under sail when you pull the mirage drive and put in the plug.


Jerry D.
St. Johns, Florida
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2008 AI

PostPosted: Sat Feb 19, 2011 12:20 pm 
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For me here in Sarasota it was a once in a lifetime experience. I met someone of the forum who owns a Tandem Island and has modified it with a jib and forestay and backstay. He met me on a Saturday Morning and we sailed together. I had no idea it would be so exciting sailing in formation with another island. I just wish I had had a camera with me. However, I was faced with an appointment and could not hang around so at three miles I tightened my sail and went another 3 miles to my turnpoint and when I returned to the three mile point there he was. I assumed that he had used the 90 minutes to adjust his sails and so we sailed together for over a mile. Finally I gave up and raced on home to keep the appointment. Again I must admit that sailing with another Island is 10 times more exciting than sailing alone. Here is Bob's letter about the event.

I had problems with my boat today, Every time I tried to put out enough sail it would weather helm really bad. It steered ok if I had the sail reefed 3 or more turns in. I have to boat tuned for low winds (<12 mph (which is what we have in Sarasota 90% of the time)). After coming in I found that the rudder was not seated completely in the socket and was riding up. Also my jib sail ripped loose at the top and was flopping in the wind. The mast is designed to flex and spill excess wind when the wind is too high (like today), since I have mine stiffened it doesn't do that and you lose control instead. With all my mods its is pretty tough to sail upwind when the winds are over 15-20 mph. The reason I made all the mods to the boat was 90% of the time the winds in Sarasota bay are 5-12 mph so I tuned the boat for that. With just the basic sail you couldn't get anywhere very fast in low winds with the TI, in 5-7 mph winds I was lucky to get 2 mph with just the basic setup. With all my extra sail area in light winds it actually works great. In 5-7 mph winds I can go around 4 mph almost directly upwind, and even faster if I peddle a little.
I don't normally take the boat out in rough water and higher winds (>15mph), it is not very fun for me.

Let me know when yo want to go out again, even with my problems it was still fun to sail with someone.


PostPosted: Sat Feb 19, 2011 9:46 pm 
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I also had fun that day, but my TI is just not setup for 20-25 mph winds, My Genoa sail got ripped up pretty badly, and with the stiffened mast it does not spill the excess wind at all (like it was designed to do). I have since repaired the sail, and fixed my rudder problem. I was out today and everything seems to be working well again (in lighter winds). I don't dare open up all my 265 sq ft of sail in higher winds, it would for sure break something. I'm pretty content sailing in lower wind and wave conditions (which is 90% of the time in Sarasota), and tend to stay home when it gets too windy and wavy, I've been out in 35 mph winds and 4 ft waves and it is just not fun for me. I'm going out again tomorrow morning (Sunday, feb 20), I'll be launching from City Island and will likely head north. I will be testing my new hydrofoil design which I am hoping will keep the boat level, (works similar to the trifoiler design), I am trying to keep the AMA's from burying underwater because of my added sail area, the AMA goes completely underwater even in moderate winds with my 135% Genoa out.

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