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Beach, Lift, Moore options
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Author:  mswlogo [ Fri Jun 04, 2021 2:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Beach, Lift, Moore options

A prior property I was at was ideal for a dolly and I could roll it out of the water to a covered "Boat Port" (like a car port)

This new location is tricky.

I might be getting a standard 40ft "Crank up" Dock that I could have some sort of lift attached.

I'd like something like what you see for Jet Skies that they just drive up on very close to waters edge, but I've not seen anything like that for Hobie Island hull.

I could put a conventional boat lift off the dock. But that would be expensive and overkill. But it might be my only option.

I assume a mooring is out.

I'll probably get a cover for it, wasn't needed at the old place.

Any ideas?



Author:  mswlogo [ Wed Jun 09, 2021 8:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Beach, Lift, Moore options

Ok, I might have found another nook that might work out nice. See pic below.

I plan to narrow the axle on my dolly. It's wider than it needs to be.
I might just raise the dolly more, on cinder blocks, and call it a day.

But there is not room for the Aka's and it's kind of time consuming to set that all up each time (I'm lazy) and weather changes fast.

So I might build or buy a dock section and keep it as low and narrow as needed (part of the reason I want to narrow the dolly, wheels are 62" on center).
Then I can use aluminum ramps (that I already have) to roll it in (Aka's an all) or a walk in dock ramp (but on the water side instead of the beach).
The walk in dock ramp might get banged around to much though.
I'd leave the platform (essentially on land) in all winter.

It's a little tricky too because lake level can vary by quite a bit. Probably 2 feet from peak to peak. But normally should stay within 12" for the primary season.
It's at normal height now and will gradually go down over the summer.

I can also build a makeshift "Tent" over the platform. Like those pop up garages. Just as big as it has to be. I always worry about covering the boat and attracting rodents that might chew ropes.

Oh there is a former pump house that's like 12'x8' feet that I can store all the gear in right there (except the sail), just out of view to the right.

I'll keep posting my progress for anyone interested.


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