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PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:11 am 
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I purchased a 2013 TI at the beginning of this month (6/13). I love the boat. The only disappointment is the tramps I bought. They are way to loose. I discussed the issue with my dealer and took the tramps to them. They pulled out a set of TI tramps from a sealed box and unrolled them next to mine. They appear to be the same. We tried my tramps on their demo TI. They are loose on it as well. The tramps are loose enough that they can be pulled up and down several inches at the middle without them becoming taught. Whatever way the boat "heels" causes the tramp on that side to dip into the water. The straps are pulled in as tight as possible, which is limited by the buckles. I know that his has been covered in other posts, I also know that the tramps stretch when wet. What I find difficult to accept is that the tramps are loose even when dry. One of the workers at the dealer told me that the TI tramps are all like that. If this is true then what is the point of providing several inches strap beyond what is needed to suspend the tramps? I am sure I can fix this, but I shouldn't need to do this on items I have used once.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:00 am 
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whaletosh :
I'm 90% sure you have the wrong tramps on your TI. Their are two different part numbers, one for the AI and one for the TI, they are different. Double check the part number on the box against the part number in the catalog. I suspect you have AI tramps which don't fit on a TI.
The tramps do stretch a little but not that much, and the pull straps can be pulled tight enough to make them very taught if you have the correct tramps installed.

Pointers for when clipping the tramps on:
When you snap the tramps on make sure you have the tramps pushed inward so the little metal brace rod on the back is over the hull, the tramps carry much more weight that way.
Make sure you have all the straps equal tension, if one is way too tight and the rest are loose, that tight one can break.
When installing the front AMA make sure the material from the tramp is not blocking the AMA from latching in completely. I dumped my sister in law in the drink, because the AMA fell out (the trapped tramp material prevented the clip from engaging completely, She will not go out again and does not trust me.

A 200 lb person sitting on the tramp will get there butt wet, even when the tramp is tight, but they shouldn't be dragging in the water unless they are on the leeward tramp and the AMA buries into the water, if this happens just have them move to the windward tramp, this is normal. They should be riding on the windward side anyway to help balance the boat.

Your dealer needs to learn his product better.

Hope this helps

PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 5:43 pm 
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whaletosh I bought new TI tramps two weeks ago and they fit correctly as far as being able to pull them tight. I can get them quite tight but they do loosen up after a while and with weight on them. so I second what fusioneng has said - make sure you have the correct ones. I previously had an AI with tramps and was surprised to see they were actually longer than the TI tramps. Your dealer should be able to check them and even if they don't think they are AI tramps he will should take them back to the factory and get them to supply ones that are proper size for your TI.

Actually I am having a slightly different issue with my new TI tramps, still related to how they fit the boat - the recommended way of installing them is to have the innermost strap on the inside of the AKA knuckle so they don't slide. in act its difficult to install them without placing the strap inside the knuckle. The problem (for me) is that then aligns the inner edge of the tramps along the edge of the kayak and causes significant interference with the rudder control. I have tried folding the overlap under the the rudder but when stretched taut it just pops right back. I can see only one solution to this, to trim the tramps in such a way as to curve around the rudder control, but that will compromise the pocket on top of the trampoline as it is fairly close to the edge - I would prefer not to have to cut material from the tramps and I'm sure others have already discovered this - so any ideas out there?

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