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Steering lever upgrade
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Author:  ILean2 [ Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Steering lever upgrade

Hi I have an older hobie TI with the smaller steering lever due to some problems from a motorcycle accident I can't straiten both arms all the way so it is a stretch to steer it over longer sails. Is there a way to upgrade to the steering lever that you can buy the knob for or a way to fit something to the original that will suffice? It wouldn't be such a problem except when I'm not peddling my artificial leg stays in the left stirrup with my leg strait which makes it more difficult to reach the steering so hence the thought of getting the steering lever easier for me to use.
Thanks for any help with this you guys have been great with my hull leak etc and have great ideas.

Author:  stringy [ Thu Aug 23, 2018 3:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Steering lever upgrade

My 2010 TI was one of the first to arrive down under and it came standard with the steering levers that can take the knobs, so I’m not sure what’s going on with yours IL2?
You’re sure there is no tapped hole at the end of the lever?

Author:  ILean2 [ Sat Aug 25, 2018 3:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Steering lever upgrade

https://scontent.fsyd3-1.fna.fbcdn.net/ ... e=5BFFBCED
Yep take a look here mate just a flat lever.

Author:  stringy [ Sun Aug 26, 2018 9:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Steering lever upgrade

IL2 -You have an AI not a TI ...right?
I guess you have two options:
- add something to the existing handle
-replace handle and crank as seen here

Author:  ILean2 [ Sun Aug 26, 2018 11:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Steering lever upgrade

Hi stingray
Yep I have an AI thanks for the info I might try to adapt original and if it doesn't work change to that one. Will the newer version just fit straight up without modifying anything hull wise?
Cheers and thanks

Author:  stringy [ Mon Aug 27, 2018 2:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Steering lever upgrade

Having never done the mod I couldn’t say, but looking at the parts it looks possible.

Author:  ILean2 [ Mon Aug 27, 2018 12:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Steering lever upgrade

Yes it does I will go to hobie Maclean and have a chat with them cheers Stingray. it's the things you don't think of that become the ones you have to adjust but I have had these problems for many years it will get there. Too many broken bits is my problem. cheers

Author:  ILean2 [ Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Steering lever upgrade

Went to Maclean Hobie and they seem to think not possible

Author:  Buckaroo [ Thu Aug 30, 2018 5:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Steering lever upgrade

A machinist or welding shop with a TIG welder could pretty easily fabricate something that would work for you. Maybe incorporate an off the shelf aluminum Handwheel on an adapter to raise the control above your leg. I wouldn't go too high though because the mounting pin and mechanism probably can't take a lot of side to side torque.
A downside to doing this is not being able to re-enter from that side. I had the knobs on my steering controls and just removed them because I was always catching my swimsuit on them and finally broke a steering lever last time I took the boat out.


Author:  ILean2 [ Thu Aug 30, 2018 12:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Steering lever upgrade

Yeah thanks Chris I am currently looking into what I can do as a DIY mod I really need the steering to be a bit closer to me because of lack of reach so looking at some kind of linkage maybe.
Thanks for your reply appreciate it and I am considering your option as well. All good options welcome maybe able to blend a couple together and come up with a great outcome.
Cheers Pete

Author:  tonystott [ Sun Sep 02, 2018 6:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Steering lever upgrade

Biot of a lateral thinking exercise... can you refit the handle turned 180 degrees so it points aft? It wouldn't take your brain long to reboot to allow for the reversal of the tiller movement.

Author:  ILean2 [ Sun Sep 02, 2018 2:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Steering lever upgrade

Thanks Tony I am considering something similar as part of the hull is blocking full mobility of the handle to the port side. Another idea that is helping me come up with a solution thanks Tony appreciate your help

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