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PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 4:30 pm 
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First off I am going to buy me one some way, some how. The seat is killer.
First trip was off shore rig fishing off of Mustang Island. Got to test out some seaworthy stuff as the conditions were swells to 4', close together and choppy. I should have tested out the kayak in the flats first just to get all the adjustments out of the way such as pedal lenghth, seat back, and where to stow my gear. Getting in the PA in waist deep water would not have been much of a problem but I decided to stow my rods in the gunnels and I would have crushed them getting my behind in the craft. Should have stowed them in the rod holders or rigged up some higher on a crate. Once under way it was paddling until I got past the breakers, tracking was ok but just by lowering the rudder just a little helped improve tracking alot. Its not my craft so I did not want to risk damage the rudder or Mirage Drive. Once I got comfortable and engaged the Mirage drive, I had to do some adjustments to pedal lenghth and seat position. Easy enough to do. Going out was interesting as Prof Salt was ahead of me, sometimes I could see him, and then he would dissapear behind the swells. I could see another kayaker just south of me in a PA 14. Yellow stands out real well and the higher sides make it even more visible.
When I got to the first rig I set up to troll one line deep and another shallow. Little things impressed me like eye pads near each of the two built in rod holders and the neat way rods are stored in the gunnels out of the way. I regret not taking the Hobie paddle along instead of mine, the Hobie paddle has a clip built on to secure to a rail on either side. My paddle kept getting in the way.
The layout is improved over th PA 14, the tackle storage in front of the seat is flush to the deck, two controls for the rudder, more eyelets to secure gear to, and a killer seat.
Since I mentioned the seat, let me describe it. Mesh type material for seat bottom and back, lumbar support adjustment. Left side arm rest has the adjustment for the seat back angle, right side arm rest has the adjustment for the seat bottom angle. To raise the seat, pull up the rear of the seat frame and lower it on the raised support till it settles in the slot. Adjust the seat back and bottom and your in business. I prefer this seat position as my feet are now lower than my hips, more room under the seat for storage, slightly elevated position to view better, and it makes it easier for this old mand to stand up and sit down. The arm rest are handy to helpf support me while moving to a standing or sitting position.
Since no one caught any Kings, I could not test that part, but it is an excellent fishing platform. The bow of the PA 12 cuts through the water instead of slapping it. I used the front hatch to store my drinks and bait along with some ice to keep it cool. There is plenty of room on either side of the seat for handy things like a small gaff, hook remover, bucket of Gulp ect.
To move this vessel on dry land it needs a cart of two folks. The handles are just like the PA 14, very big and sturdy.
Did I mention the killer seat? Very important to me as I get too stiff from sitting and the comfort of the seat along with the ability to stand extends my fishing time four fold.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:03 pm 
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Haven't taken mine off-shore yet. All my use has been in the shallow marshes and creeks.

For the first time in years, I feel like I can move around in the kayak without sitting in the same positon for hours. When I get out of the PA, my hips aren't locked into position. I can actually get out and walk away without doing stretching :mrgreen:

Guess, the only thing I can comment neg about is the steering. It seems to be very critical. I am always correcting. Read recently that they put a mod on the PA 14 which had the same problem. Need to take the rudder cover off and check to see if the turn wheel is the large or small version.

With the tarpon moving into our area, will be getting the PA 12 out in the surf. Hopefully, I will encounter the same launch/re-entry experience you had :mrgreen:

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2012 6:30 am 
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I had the steering "issue" initially but after a few outings with the PA12 you just start to get a feel of how the boat behaves and the steering becomes a non issue.
I'd suggest taking it out a few more times and if you are still having to constantly correct your heading then I'd suggest the rudder drum upgrade.

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