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 Post subject: amputee kayaking
PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:08 pm 
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I am a recent leg amputee. I have no hip or leg.

Any ideas on how to enter or exit a pa14? I loved it with two legs, but haven't been able to figure out how to get in our out on one.


 Post subject: Re: amputee kayaking
PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 3:49 am 
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I see nobody has responded here, I did a little web search on the subject, and there appear to be several organizations (I assume many with local chapters) that are dedicated to helping handicapped people get out on the water with kayaking and fishing. Perhaps there is a local fishing club or meetup group in your area. This forum is very big, if you let everyone know where you live, there are likely Hobie Guys in your area who look for any reason to go out. I think Hobie (and Hobie Fishing) sponsors a lot of local events around this subject.
Just thinking about it, by adding a spring return (or a rope handle attached to one pedal that you can pull back with your hand to one of the pedals, you can likely successfully still pedal around just fine (just tryin to help here)
I have a Tandem Island and have both sets of pedals rigged so when I pedal both pedal sets operate, by adding two 3ft ski rope type handles to my mirage drive pedals I can use both my arms and my legs to operate the mirage drive (or drives) ( I'm kind of a human power/energy conservation nut). I keep my hand drive rope thingys in my mesh pockets, just in case my legs ever get too tired. (Hey it works). My kayaking is kind of my exercise program and I try to pedal my crazy boat at least 15 miles a week. However I don't fish at all.
Hope this helps you ( the ski rope thingies)
I'm just speculating here but I suspect if you add the H-bar system to your PA you can probably hoist yourself into the boat at waters edge, a tilting trailer with an electric winch may help with launch and retrival, of course some assistance will still be needed, but hopefully I'm giving you some good ideas (just tryin to help)

 Post subject: Re: amputee kayaking
PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 10:26 am 
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My father-in-law is an amputee, left leg and hip (condrosarcoma). I had him on the TI a few weeks ago. Entry and exit wasn't necessarily a problem. He used his forearm crutches to get to the boat and then turned around and we helped lower him down into the rear seat. He even made it into the front seat by sitting on the trampoline and sliding into the seat. His main hang-up was pedaling was too difficult. Even after adjusting the pedals so that his right leg could push and pull. He just didn't have the support on his left side. If I was going to take him out again I would try to come up with some sort of hand-based pedaling system that would replace the pedals on the drive. This would however limit his ability to steer. You might have a problem with the PA14 because the vantage seats on the PAs have arm rests. Is there a way to remove the arm rests, or are they integral?

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