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 Post subject: Trap Hook
PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2005 8:02 am 
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I finally got a chance to sail with the famous JamieZX. This guy is awsome. If you ever get the chance to jump on his boat you better do it.

I went down to Lake Phantom Hill with great intentions. As most of us know though, things are not always as they seem. :roll:

He was already out on his 16 when I arrived and I was looking forward to finally getting a chance to ride on one of these little rockets. Boy was I impressed. :D We flew halfway down the lake and back, but I was not much of a crew because of all my fears about these boats being pitchpole machines. It didn't happen though, so I was extremely pleased. :wink:

Once we arrived back at shore we decided to take out my 18. I drove her out to the center of the lake downwind towards the dam so that we could have a straight shot up the middle of the lake. I also figured that we had enough wind that I could get in some trap time since I don't trap very much. :P

Well, I came about and was smoothly sailing along when I decided to hook up. As I was in the process of getting hooked, the port hull came up rapidly and I was almost unable to react. I cranked the rudders over slightly to set the boat back down, but did not sheet out. By the time I did this I just happened to look down at the starboard rudder and noticed that it was flat on the water. :shock: I guess one of these days I will learn to sheet out. :?

So here I am half hooked, feet in the hiking straps, Jamie sitting on the side of the port hull, and the mast about 8 inches off the water. I decide my best bet is to unhook and lean out since I am already in the hiking straps. Big mistake! Once I unhooked I slid down the tramp about 8 inches. Sound familiar? Well so did the mast. So now we are officially over. :oops:

This is not the end of it though. I decided to turn around so that my stomach was on the tramp and slide up the boat and get on top of the hull and prepare to right it. Only problem though is that my shoe started to come off and we all know those swim shoes don't float. So, to keep from losing my shoe, I worked my foot around until I was able to get it out without loosing my shoe. :D

Only problem though is that I managed to get my trap hook attached to the lip on the airborne port hull. :shock: All I can remember is Jamie saying, " Mike! Get off the boat or you are going to turtle it!" All I could reply was, "My fat a#@ is stuck to the hull and I can't get loose!"
So, turtle we go. First time for me and hopefully the last for a while.
I'll save the recovery post for later tonight.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2005 11:58 am 
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Hee hee. I was laughing the whole time. Now you have more incentive to get the ball-and-socket type trap hookup. ;) No more embarassing turtles! :lol:

Warm regards,



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