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PostPosted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 12:35 pm 
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In preparing for a Northeast winter, I'm going to do everything within my power to try and keep the snow off the boats and masts and sails as protected as possible. Looking for some input from the veterans on how to do so. I will be storing a H16 and H18.

1 - I'm going to remove the masts & booms from outside storage and garage them for fear of water entry and cracking from freezing water.
2 - Removing all battens out of sails and storing them inside. Is it safe to fold sails in half to try and reduce storage space?
3 - Remove rudders & assembly? I know an annual cam maintenance must be done at the beginning of the season. Do People remove the whole assembly for the winter?
4- Remove trampoline? Seems like a lot of extra work but if its worth it than so be it!

1 of my boats, either the 16 or the 18, will be stored off the trailer on a paved area. What are best practices when storing these off a trailer? Some old tires at all 4 corners?

Thanks in advance!

PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2020 7:02 am 
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Sounds like you are doing more than you need to, which is good.

1) Masts can be left outside, track facing down. I have had ice blowout a mast track on a mast that was left up for the winter. Dry storage for the mast is even better, especially if you have a comp tip as it gets it out of the sun.
2) Remove battens if you plan to fold your sails. Otherwise just release tension from the battens. The biggest risk with sails over the winter is mice. Whatever method protects the sails from mice is the best method. Fold sails like this:
3) Rudders come off very easily with 2 people. Just pull the pins. Store EPO rudders out of the sun. Or leave them on, not a big deal either way.
4) With all the work you are doing on the masts, boom, sails and rudders it only makes sense to pull the tramps. Snow buildup can strain the tramps and keeping them indoors reduces UV damage.

In order of importance: Sails, tramps, spars and rudders.

Placed on tires in a driveway is a very nice place, so long as your snowthrower/plow doesn't put it at risk. Once my boats are ready for winter I just put them out to pasture on their trailers.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2020 8:11 am 
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From Ottawa Ontario Canada, where our winters are longer and colder than yours.

As part of your winter preparations, make sure the boats are properly drained, so that there is no water anywhere.

As long as the H16/H18 is properly supported, on tyres or on planks, so that there is no 'point loading', they will be fine.
Also make sure they are tied down, in the event of a windstorm.

For both, leave the plugs out, so the boats can breathe.
For the H18, leave the portholes open as well, just cover the opening with chicken wire so critters don't get in.
If you have time, build a snorkel out of 4" sewer pipe....someone posted pictures on the forum with this gadget.
I used dryer vent and duct tape....

Cover the mast ball of the H18 with something so that UV does not kill it.

This is a good time to service the rudders and to do any sail or tramp repairs.
For the sails, mice are the biggest danger.

Some folks cover their Hobie's with protect against UV.
Then dream of Spring and sailing.

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