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Water in hull on a Hobie One 12
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Author:  Kevking [ Sun Mar 21, 2021 5:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Water in hull on a Hobie One 12

We have a Hobie One 12- 1991 model. I can hear water in the bottom of the boat (Hull) when we move it around. There is a small drain hole on the bottom of the boat (rear) and I assume that when we unscrew the plastic bolt that water is suppose to come out. but nothing happens. We have lifted the boat up and rotated it in all directions but to no avail. No water comes out. This water has been in there for several years. It doesn't seem to be getting worse but we don't sail this boat (grandkids sail it) often and as far as I know it has only been capsized several times. There are no other places on the boat to look into the hull. This boat is in very good condition with no other damage that we see. I am assuming water entered through the mast area or maybe along the top where the boat is connected at deck to hull.
So here is the deal- I want to get the water out of the boat but am reluctant to start drilling holes in it because of that "boats tend to sink when there are holes in them thing". I have tried to jam a wire into the drain hole to clear any blockage but the wire only goes in about an inch and is completely blocked (i rotated the wire just to be sure it is not open to the side in some way also but no water and it is blocked) . I also tried to push a little air (gently) in the drain hole to try and force open any blockage but- no water. So any ideas on how to get that slushing water out of the hull?
Has any one had one of these boats and had the same problem. I think this boat is no longer in production so I know that there may not be many of them still out there. Help!!!

Author:  mmiller [ Fri May 28, 2021 11:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Water in hull on a Hobie One 12

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If there is a blockage at the drain hole. Use a smaller drill bit (than the drain size) and hold it parallel to the hull bottom. Drill through the material blocking the drain. May be some resin that flowed there.

If the drain is clear, the water could be in the mast receiver box structure. Tip the boat up on the bow (lift the stern). Water will drain forward. Holding the stern up, tip the boat to the side... let the stern end down and the water will flow aft along the side rail. The lift the bow to move the water to the drain.

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