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Long trip with some open sea crossings
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Author:  Kal-P-Dal [ Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Long trip with some open sea crossings

In Sweden, outside Stockholm, we have a very extended archipelago. Use Google Earth to look for yourself. In summer 2013 I will go as far out as possible. There will be crossings but not so long as THE LONG TRIP will have. If I find enough adventure in this, THE LONG TRIP plans will be abandoned. If it wakes my appetite for THE LONG TRIP, I will continue with my plans. But I surely need more Adventure Island experience.

I have downloaded one AIS-app and 4 weather-apps. One of them can also send my position like an SMS.
For navigation I have 1 Garmin 76 CSx, 1 Garmin Etrex Legend HCx, both with seacharts. Will also have an extra Legend HCx with no maps but all waipoint, routes and tracks loaded. I will have 1 Sonim XP3 Quest (rugged and water proof) mobile phone and 1 100% water proof packed android (with extra batteries). I will NOT use Iphone or Ipad. I don't like that you can't change batteries in these. And I don't trust electronic equipment that is not rugged/water proof for anything else than use in camp/tent.
I will have an extra compass and tyvek-charts (water proof paper). I have 2 360-Navisafe lanterns, one for top mounting in mast, the other as a spare. And yes, some kind of solar cells. And of course a PLB. Still need more AI experience...

I have already collected at least 3 gear lists (one very complete from this forum). Very long crossings are dangeruos as weather can change several times in 7 - 15 hours (worst case longer time!).

To all of you: Thanks for your concern and your feedback.
Much appreciated!

br regards

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