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PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:49 am 
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I have a revolution purchased in 2007 - Does this make it the "old" or "new" revolution? All I have done is pedal and would like to try the sailing so I can travel greater distance in less time. Does the sail feature work well? Do the flipers work well as a dagger board when tacking? What do I need besides the sail to maximize my sailing experience?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:13 pm 
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You have the older model which the only difference is the screw cam to hold the mirage drive where the newer 2010 models have the snap lock feature. The 2007 has the lever control twist & stow rudder where the newer 2010 models came with up/down pull ropes for the rudder. Other than that the revolutions are the same. I have two 2008 models with the same features as your 2007.

Sailing you would want to get the sail kit and sailing rudder the stock rudder is not big enough. The Turbo fins work great as daggerboard as you sail. You can use ST fins too and if you pedal more than sail I recommend the ST fins. Turbos take a bit more effort and not always worth the extra effort for what little additional speed you get in my opinion (much debate on that subject). I am going back to ST fins myself.

A blustery wind can turtle you (capsize) so I use the Sidekick Amas when I sail.
I keep them just above the water so as not to add drag (a valuable tip provided by Kepnutz here in the forum) but they are there if you keel over a bit too far giving you a chance to dump the sail staying upright. I only want to swim when I WANT to swim LOL. You do not need the Amas in a light wind but if you plan on sailing in 15+mph winds I recommend them. The sail is designed for light winds 10 mph or less but many people on the forum sail in higher winds.

There have been many solutions posted for furling and unfurling a sail to add some convenience to your sailing pleasure and you may want to check into the modifications.

I posted a very simplified version that works very well.
and this one by Stringy is lengthy with many options.

Sailing your revolution is a blast and you will have a great time doing it. You can get all sorts of tips and tricks here on the forum all you need do is ask.

Have Fun

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 6:40 pm 
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in addition to the larger rudder there is another almost indispensible (but cheap) modification you should make before setting off to sail your Revo!

You should get 2 very small blocks (pulleys - Hobie sells them via their parts catalogue - the smallest you can lay your hands on that allows the sheet to run through it freely will do) and a longer length of line for the "sheet" of the sail (the rope that pulls the sail in & lets it out) as the Hobie one is too short.

Attach one block to one or other side of the cockpit in front of you (just tie it to a padeye or other convenient fitting with a short length of strong light line - the loads on it will be minimal and that way you can take it off again if you want to).

Attach the other block to the rear padeye in the same way.

Now taking your new longer "Sheet" tie a double overhand stopper knot in one end (just a normal overhand knot but go through the loop twice and then pull the knot tight) then feed the other end downwards through the front cockpit block back along the deck to the rear block, upwards through that block to the cringle (the metal eye in the corner of the sail) and tie the sheet to the sail there, preferably with a bowline (it is not a very good idea to use a snap shackle to attach the sheet to the sail as the sail can flap about and whip the hapless skipper with any metal fitting that's attached there).

When you have made this mod you should find that
1. to pull the sail IN (when sitting in the cockpit) you pull on the knotted end of the sheet that runs forward to the front of the cockpit & then back along the deck (if you don't have the block there you have to push the sheet to pull in the sail which is not very comfortable.
2. the stopper knot should prevent the end of the sheet running through the cockpit block - therefore it will always be to hand when you need it (if you don't use this block & stopper knot you can lose the end of the sheet over the side of the boat and it will be a b*gg*r to get back because it will dangle in the water from the rear padeye where it will be just out of reach)
3. There should be minimal friction in the running of the sheet because instead of passing through padeye(s) it is now passing through low friction blocks - now if you are sailing along and a gust hits you so that you want to depower the sail to avoid a capsize you can do so in an instant because there will be next to no friction to prevent the sheet from letting the sail out (this is important !).

Finally and just my $0.02 - I personally feel that the best sailing experience to be had on these boats is without amas - i.e. just as a kayak. Sure you are at more risk of a capsize, but the risk is really all down to the skill and prudence of the sailor and going without stabilisers on your boat frees you up to get the most out of your boat (IMHO) in exaxctly the same way as you did when you got rid of the stabilisers on your bike when you were a kid. Except that if you start with them on your boat, there's a risk that you never get 100% comfortable sailing without them!

Enjoy! (they really are engaging and fun boats to sail!!)

PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 12:51 am 
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I use the pulleys also, make s a big difference, I also use the pvc furling system combined w/the domed plug to make furling easy and quick.

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