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PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:43 am 
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To take the prudence of having a backup rudder pin handy under your hatch a tad further . . . What's a savvy collection of "parts" to order and bag in your boat for any "just in case" moments?

Let's say you're heading up the coast for a week of yakkin' fun. Lots of putins, a few surf launches, floats and sunsets.

But, you'll be far from any Hobie store or even a Walmart. What's a good bag of 'just in case' parts and tools to toss in your gear bag or boat?

I'm thinking things like an added pedal strap, another rudder pin, an extra set of flippers . . . durables you can buy and bag and use "someday."

Are there any particular tools to have handy on the list, stuff that's unique to having a Hobie yak as your patient?

I'm especially foggy on Mirgage drive parts, much less on tuning it.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:10 pm 
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This is a subject which as been covered elsewhere in these forums. Suggest you do some searching around.

Off the top of my head here's what I would take as a minimum for a single trip of a few overnights or a couple of weeks' worth of daytrips. (& I am going to try not to nanny you with the obvious stuff like map, sunscreen, hat & water - this is about a shortlist of the specific kayak/mirage drive related stuff you NEED to carry).

Essentials to carry on the boat
-Spare fin mast
-Tools to repair the drive (my kit comprises spanner, pliers & swiss army knife)
-Spare sprocket chain cable & idler cable
-Spare split pins (need them for my fin masts - you may not need these depending on your drive)
-Spare nuts (for the drive - all too easy to drop them overboard/into long grass or sand)
-Knowledge of how to adjust/repair your drive (there are different models some more easy to adjust/repair than others and if you are making an extended trip you have a duty to be self-reliant)
-For a longer trip I carry a spare pedal (FWIW & IMHO the exercise-bike pedal straps are a complete waste of the world's natural resources but if a pedal shaft breaks - and this happened to me once - your ability to make progress will be severely reduced)
-Spare rudder pin clipped to underside of rear hatch lid (standard on all Hobies I believe)

Safety gear (minimum)
-Baler (I take a sponge)
-Light (Mine is a tiny LED bike light that is powered by a hearing aid battery)
-Spare clothing to suit conditions you might encounter
-Length/lengths of strong light line.

Stuff to carry in the car (shouldn't be too many real essentials in this list - most of what you NEED you NEED to carry on the boat). FWIW I try not to forget to take:
-Spare tyre for cart wheels (if pneumatic like my C-Tug) pump and tyre levers
-Charger for FF/GPS

My spares (other than the finmast & pedal), toolkit, vhf & light all fit in a watertight sandwich box-sized "otterbox" (Brand name). This and the spare fin mast & pedal go inside the boat via the centre hatch. Even if you do this you need to ensure that you can reach them if you need them because they do tend to slide about if you don't do something to stop them.

Hope this helps - I am sure others will add their ideas.

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