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PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 12:08 pm 
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I added 2 extra lift handles on all the kayaks. On the Revo & AI; 1 behind the seat, the other in front of center hatch.
On the Oasis, 1 behind the front seat, the other in front of hatch in front of rear seat. (Be sure to use s/s nuts, bolts and fender washers) These spots seems to give the best balance when lifting solo.

When loading onto the Hullavator, I wheel the cart (w/kayak on it) along side of lowered Hullavator arms, lift by the aforementioned handles so kayak sides rest on Hullavator arms. Wheels just drop out when kayak's lifted. In the 'hull side down' method the kayak will stay on it's side on the arms, so it's easy to put on tie down straps without having to hold kayak in place. I've found when putting kayak on 'hull side up', kayak had to be held in place while straps were put on.

When unloading kayak, lower Hullavator arms, undo straps, insert cart into scupper holes and engage the cart post pin so cart stays in place. I then rotate top side of kayak towards me, exposing installed handles and lift kayak off arms.

I've also modified the Hullavator (thanks Wayne!), by drilling a hole to insert the pins into to keep the handles in the "squeezed position". This makes it a lot easier to lift/lower the kayak without having to have your hands on the handles. Remove the pins when Hullavator is in down position, so when kayak is taken off, arms stay down. Otherwise, they will swing back up real quick when weight of kayak is removed! ( I've learned that the hard way a few times! lol) This simple mod has made the Hullavator a lot easy to use, especially for the heavier Oasis and if your bars are far apart. ... dification

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:39 pm 
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65Strad wrote:
sunday wrote:
I'm also a big guy and used to put a cement block (!) in the front when ocean kayaking alone, --but soon realized I could move faster and turn sharper without the extra weight.

Neil without the ballast in front, how do you keep the bow level enough to maintain good tracking and turning? Do you sit up front. I use the SUMO SAC 125. It has handles that won't tear away and since it can be put far forward it doesn't need to be full to maintain a level/even attitude. ... sac125.jpg

I know what you're thinking because I used to think it. Fair to say it depends on the water.

I recently did an all day river kayak up a flat Braden River here in SW FL and my tandem tracked beautifully.

The front end doesn't come up that much (I'm 240 lbs btw). I sit in the back because I have the 2010 which doesn't have the front rudder control. But even if I did have the front control, I'd still sit in the back because I can turn on a dime with the bow out of the water a bit. I've always had the long sail rudder on it (which is standard now).

I don't mind taking the tandem out by myself because I can move much faster and turn much better than when I have my kayaking buddy with me.

I used to do much more open water/ocean kayaking around St Croix where I bought the kayak. Tracking in swells or strong wind could be an issue when by myself, but I spent plenty of hours out there by myself with no front weight.

Would I consider adding "some" weight? Maybe 20 or 25 lbs?
Perhaps, but it's one more thing.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:04 pm 
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Apologies for resurrecting an old thread - I'm new here... I have an Audi A3, similar car to OP, with factory bars. We are looking at buying an Odyssey and probably a Quest 11...wondering how safe/secure we'd be taking them using a stacker rack like the Malone Stax Pro. I have a total of 150lbs weight capacity to use up there (bars are already accounted for).

Any experts out there able to give advice? The folks at the local shop we visited today were unsure if it would work well.

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