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 Post subject: Finally got one...
PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:26 pm 
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Picked up a 2010 Revolution on Sunday. It came to me with the sailing rudder and turbo fins and a few other accessories. On the down side, one of the under-seat drain plugs is missing and both of the side nets are ripped on the edges. There are plenty of scratches on the hull bottom, but it seems solid enough. There are only maybe four other available colors I might have preferred, but you can't have everything! :)

I've had it out once for a paddle-only trip to get familiar with the hull. I was pleased that the water level of the mirage well stayed about a half inch below the deck with my 200 pounds on board. I did get a wet butt, I suspect as a result of the missing drain plug.

As a paddle boat, the sailing rudder held it on whatever line the rudder dictated. It was nearly impossible to turn the boat in motion without a rudder correction. Paddling with the rudder up, the wind was up enough that it kicked the stern around when it wanted to, but it was functional enough. I may try the original rudder to see if it is more neutral in performance. The big rudder will turn the boat hard when you want it to. I may have to adjust the angle of the handle since it seems to turn very hard to the right but run out of handle range much sooner turning left. It is set so the the rudder handle points straight forward for a straight rudder.

I look forward to a pedal trip in the next couple days to see how this thing moves with the turbos. It seemed pretty quick under paddle power, so I expect big performance.

As far as additional accessories are concerned, I will probably look for a deep hatch bucket and a couple leashes. I have to re-wire the battery leads of the Lowrance that's on there, but otherwise it has all that I could ask.


 Post subject: Re: Finally got one...
PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 1:03 pm 
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Congrats on the new boat!

It does sound like the rudder handle (tiller?) is out of adjustment. It should sit at about 45 degrees to the right of forward. That fits the way your hand would sit if you laid it on the handle.

A lot of people think that the rudder should face forward when the boat is going forward, but that is actually not ergonomic. So you will probably benefit from adjusting that.

The drain plug is a cheap replacement part available from any dealer. You will stay relatively dry with the plug in, but waves always play a factor. The netting on the side is also available, and I believe has been improved since your boat was manufactured. It's simple to replace, if you choose to do so.

Glad that you're enjoying it!


 Post subject: Re: Finally got one...
PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:26 pm 
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Congrats on the boat.

I think you will find that the way to adjust the rudder angle is to reset the cable lengths at the rudder end rather than to adjust the angle of the tiller. The tiller itself does not point straight ahead for "full speed ahead" so you need to adjust the lines so that the rudder is pointing straight ahead when the tiller is at the centre of its available travel.

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