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PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2013 6:15 pm 
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So, I am refusing to go into debt to purchase a boat; meaning, I am saving monthly to make the big purchase. That said, I am soon ready to go with option A but originally had optoin B:

A. Adventure
1. Purchase Adventure kayak in two weeks
2. Continue to save to purchase the AI Conversion kit and paying to have it done professionally
3. Purchase AI Conversion Kit and convert Adventure kayak to AI (resulting in slightly more spent than purchasing an AI initially)

B. Tandem Island

1. Continue saving, but waiitng an additional year or more before purchasing.

Married, wife has 0% experience as well as me. Wife pregnant. Uncertain if they will embrace it or not. Anxious to start kayaking expeirence. Money tight since we are both teachers.

So dear readers and enthousiasts. . .

A) Is it worth the wait for a TI, even if there is a high chance it would be only me going out solo?
B) How well does the adventure to AI conversion go if done professionally?

Thanks for all advice, and all is welcome.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 11:55 am 
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If you can find a good quality AI used, I would buy it to start to get out sailing and keep saving your money toward upgrading to a TI or just adding other accessories, depending on the family's interest.

Here in Hawaii a good quality used AI run about $2400 plus or minus depending on condition, problems and additions included with it. They hold their value well, so if taken care of, it should be able to be sold for about the same as you purchased a year or two later.

Also, you will probably generate much interest in them each time you use it so you will probably be selling yours to a (new?) friend when/if you do sell.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:26 pm 
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My 0.02c

1. the tandem island is more of a proposition than the A-AI being a much larger boat all round - more issues about storage & transport. From what I have seen it would solo perfectly OK and you would have the flexibility that when your other half decides she wants to participate she'd be able to jump on board easily. It is rather more expensive too which is definitely a factor!

2. if you can't wait to get out on the water then I do not imagine that the AI conversion will be too much of an issue - I haven't done one, but I had to 'almost do' one when my AI hull cracked (outside warranty!) and Hobie gave me a replacement (where else would you get that sort of service??!!!?). I had to take the AI components off the old hull & install them in the new hull and it didn't take much - a day, a few hand tools and a bit of common sense - I imagine that the AI conversion kit involves the same install but with the benefit of some instructions.

3. if you went with the A to start with you would still be able to get into kayaking & sailing with the small sail & daggerboard; this remains my preferred sailing experience on my AI - kayak hull only, small sail, daggerboard, no outriggers. That said the conditions where I live are often ideal (up to force 4 winds & relatively calm seas) it might be a different matter if prevalent conditions are different where you intend to sail. It would, however, give you the ability to learn and hone your sailing skills on a cheaper but more engaging boat that behaves like a 'proper' sailing boat in a way that a trimaran does not; then, when/if you decide to convert to the AI you will know what you are doing! But if/when your wife decides she wants to join you you are going to have to buy her a boat too or trade up to a tandem.

4. if you started with the A and small sail & then decided that you want the stability of a trimaran without the expense of an AI you would even be able to add the 'small scale' akas and amas to your A to get that extra stability - not exactly my cup of tea but, like golf, lotsa people do it, so there has to be something in it 8).

Decisions, decisions ! You gotta love the versatility of these boats and congratulate Hobie on offering so much flexibility between their product & accessories lines :idea: :idea: :idea:

Hope this helps.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 8:18 pm 
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My 2 bobs worth.

I somehow talked the Mrs into a TI first up.
Didn't have the funding problems.
Had been sailing for many years.
Have the room to store a TI.
Can car top the boat and still tow the caravan.

I have spoken to a couple of AI owners who have problems with wives.
When it is a shared thing, it's much easier to get away.
One of the guys here with an AI bought a second Hobie for his wife and sails away from her each time.
The TI has a greater capacity to carry a child on the tramp.
The TI sails solo fine from the rear.

So circumstances will dictate and there is no right or wrong.
The only wrong of course could be a compromise on no mirage drive or real sailing of an Island.

As said, get out there and experience the joy of sailing.

This is my rig -


Cheers, Brian in South Australia
Tandem Island -

PostPosted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 12:00 am 
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Life is too short, get out and enjoy! I started out with the Adventure, and did the conversion to Island myself, it is not that difficult. Now have an AI and a TI, and still can't get the wife out in either, but she just had both knees replaced. Oh well, the TI does single hand OK, but it is a bigger boat. Have had 3 adults in the AI, a bikini on both trampolines. RISKY on multiple levels, but hey, LIFE IS TOO SHORT!

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