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PostPosted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 5:17 am 
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After enjoying the i14t for some years, and having not used it last year due to my focus on our new TI, I'm considering using both this years so some minor repairs need to be done and I seek for advice.

1st. Front handle broke while towing the i14t from the beach to the water. I ended up with the handle in the hand, and the cloth piece that holds the triangle ring in place came loose from the bottom, so now from the point of the kayak black rubber there's a rectangular piece of cloth sticking out. I already ordered an additional handle to make the repair (the original was lost in some pocket), but when recieved it does not bring the triangle ring.
Is there a part number to order the metal triangle ring?
Any suggestions as to how I can repair this? I guess sanding, hobie glue, and try your best to squeeze the cloth in ...
Should I go for a stronger epoxy glue?

2nd.The plastic fitting that cleets the rudder down pull handle broke so I need to install a new one ... I already have the new part from the inflatable fittings kit and glue, but ...
How can I remove the old one from the kayak? Any easy way to remove the old fitting which is obvioulsy well glued to the boat?

3rd. The inside tube that makes the top part of the bow in the forward hatch seems to have become loose from its place ... I collected some small broken plastic parts(small tab) and can feel (its behind the hatch) a screw inside which obvioulsy now doesn't have anything to attach to ... The tube does sit though perfectly in it's place once inflated ...
Should I just leave it loose and remove the old screw?
Should I glue the tube to the hatch permanently?
Could I get replacement parts or at least a diagram of the internals to decide how to fix it?

4th. Considering the weakness of the forward handle (See 1) and the idea that I will want to (lightly) tow the i14t with the kids while riding the TI (No sail don't worry, not a completely crazy guy here yet), I was planning to install the additional two TRI Ring Kit to the side of the i14t ... the problem is that any area close to the bow seems way to weak to hold the Tri Rings ....
Can they be installed in the bow or am I forced to install them on the main floats?
Thinking about this ... any way to remove the forward cap so that I could fit the Tri Ring Kit and fix the handle problem?

Hopefuly this makes sense :)

Thanks for your help,


PostPosted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 6:54 am 
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That's a lot of repairs in some tricky areas. I'd take it to a dealer, or at least talk to one first.

Regarding the bow, I believe there was some issue with the bow of the older i14t models. The new model does not have the bow hatch/enclosed storage area, so the inflatable bow rib that has separated on your boat has been eliminated. Not sure if any of the issues you're having are related to whatever caused Hobie to redesign the bow, but worth mentioning to your dealer if the repairs are not covered by warranty.

Regarding the cleat, I've never seen a direct answer from Hobie on how to remove glued-on accessories. If you google around you'll find accessories on other inflatable boats like Zodiacs are usually removed by CAREFUL use of a heatgun to soften the adhesive, then the fabric is peeled away. Remaining glue is then sanded off or wiped off with acetone or MEK. I've personally never done this or seen it done so this info is completely anecdotal on my part! Again, talk to a dealer.

If you do have success removing the cleat please post how you did it. I'm very curious!

Sorry this isn't more directly helpful & good luck!

PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2014 1:09 pm 
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I had to remove a broken cleat myself after it broke (long story). I wet a rag with acetone to soften the adhesive and very slowly worked a pine carpenter's shim under it. I filed the point off a little to make sure the shim did not damage the fabric. acetone evaporates very quickly so soak a rag with it and place it over the cleat. After a half hour the cleat came off and I cleaned the remaining adhesive off with the acetone soaked rag. Let it dry and glue on the new cleat. Good luck!

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