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PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:14 pm 
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I could use some :idea: advice. I have two Hobie PA-14's, used primarily for inshore coastal saltwater fishing in Northeast Florida. I have two sailing kits, bought primarily to get back to shore safely in event of thunderstorms, or even to help speed these lovable tubs to fishing areas and not leave me completely drained. 'Til now, I've left my sailing kits at home since the more needed H-bars are simultaneously incompatible with the sails; plus leaving the sailing kits on the trailer at the boating ramp would have them stolen within an hour.

Was wondering if Hobie makes any kits to effectively, securely, and cleverly stowe these sails outside the transoms during the course of a normal fishing day? Something akin to the Hobie rod holders? I'm somewhat incredulous to learn that Hobie doesn't have some cleverly engineered transom transom kit, albeit priced in the stratosphere. I've got roughly $600 worth of rigging sitting in my garage, used only on a "dedicated" sailing day- which is just not the priority. These PA's sail like lead sleds-- the kits are cool, but just an adjunct; albeit a safety & timeliness adjunct. I figure they add another 1-2 knots, which could be significant.

I brought them once, inside the craft, but this was just on the 1st shakedown cruise to try them out (no fishing gear). Now, with plenty of real fishing gear on the needed deck space, plus the advent of fishy guts, these will definitely get in the way, and ruined. The sails need to be transported -- outside, in their black canvas bags. They're sure to get salt-water spray or even logged, but I'm sure if rinsed off, they'll be fine. The craft get a good hosing down anyway.

I thought of bungee-ing, of course, but this is kind of bush-league, opens the door to a pop-off and subsequent sink. I can't see putting noodles on them. Plus the masts are straight, but the hulls are curved. I was thinking of something like those holiday "J- Hooks" that one puts outside one's front door to hang Christmas wreaths; something like the horizontal rod holders, but ***wider***, specifically for the masts. But isn't that Hobie's design department?

With the afternoon thunderstorms in NE Florida, getting back to the ramp ahead of the lightning is clearly preferred. Even with a headwind, tacking w the sails has got to be better than just peddling. Plus as I transport these things with their covers on, I need to get back in time to fiddle with all this stuff (collapsing H bars, trailering, lashing, stowing, etc etc.), long before the "Zaps" come.

Any thoughts? Or have I missed a Hobie product addition? Thanks.

PS: speaking of noodles. I stowed some fishing gear inside the rear hatch. It shifted, going way inside the hull. I couldn't reach, no matter what I did, including an 18" grabbing tool. Clever me, I shoved in a shop vac nozzle, and cranked it up. Um, needless to say, up came some foam, from somewhere deep within. Now What? Just shove it back in anywhere, or isn't it supposed to be secured someplace? I wondered if I should shove some pool noodles up in there for added buoyancy? Don't know what, if anything, that part of the cockpit is good for, except added weight.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:35 am 
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I had 2 hbar rod holders mounted horizontally outboard with my sail, (sans sleeve) 8' push pole, and paddle, neatly and conveniently secured out of the way, yet readily accessible.

The foam blocks are there for structural support. Do a site search and you'll know where to stick it. Tipping the yak forward or back will usually slide the lost item to an access port.

Stuff away with the noodles, just be mindful of all the control lines below deck. Don't want to bind any.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:23 am 
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Over the years we have owned quite few Hobie mirage kayaks, many different models, ( but never a pro angler).
We are avid kayak sailers, ( one of our favorite pastimes). We actually bought the sail kit and big sailing rudder along with every hobie we bought, ( at a discount, when you buy along with the boat usually).
Actually we have never launched a hobie kayak without the sailing kit strapped to the side of the boat, (not even once), just in case we find wind, (kind of a rare thing around here lol).
This all pre-dates the hobie furler system, we built PVC furlers for all the sails.
All our kayaks had the sail control lines and rigging permanently attached to the boats. We simply furled the sails, and stored them in the paddle holder on the side of the boat. We broke down the double ended paddle and stored it in the hull, (never used the dang things anyway).
The standard hobie kayak sail is only 2meters, ( tiny), probably too small for a PA.
However there is another company that makes bigger kayak sails up to 3.3meters called Star sails. I think they come with a pvc furler. Might be worth looking into with a PA.
As wide and stable as the PA is, it might be fun.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:32 pm 
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Joined: Sun Jun 03, 2018 5:08 pm
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Just noticed these responses, sorry for delay.
Still working on jury-rigging the sails.
Already have the tri-rod holders, using them for paddles & push poles on exterior of boat, as they can get wet.

PA-14 railings are too short and too high up, as I've discovered.
Too short means sailing kits unduly bent ...
Too high up means interfering w fish, fishhooks, and lines.
Outside the boat means immersing in salt water, never a good idea.

This is roughly a $1000 investment, which can't be used... and is driving me nuts.
Sailing kits bought both for added speed, but also for safety, when the wind invariably changes or really kicks up.
arghhhhhh !

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