Super Surfer

The Original Hobie Super Surfer

The original Hobie Super Surfer from 1965 was the first skateboard that connected surfing and skateboarding. The super surfer's mahogany and maple wood pattern mirrored one of Hobie Surfboards' most popular boards of the 1960's era – The Hobie Classic.

The board looked like a mini surfboard – this natural connection created the surf/skate synthesis. Skateboard maneuvers began mirroring the style and flow of surfing. Hobie led the way in skateboarding in the 60's and the Super Surfer was one of the most popular skateboards of that era.

Certificate of Authenticity

Hobie Cat® Company stands by the quality and authenticity of this replica of the Hobie Super Skateboard that originated in 1965. This hand-crafted skateboard was built using the highest quality materials; from the solid Mahogany and Maple Wood laminated deck to the 100% urethane replica wheels and steel trucks. Care and quality workmanship were part of each step in building this amazing piece of Hobie skateboard history.

Super Surfer Skateboard

  • Serialized Super Surfer
  • Replica Box
  • Hobie Skateboard Diamond Water Transfer
  • Certificate of Authenticity
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