Auntie Mo

The "Auntie Mo" is our women¹s noserider designed by Maureen Drummy. This model has a lower rocker, deep nose concave running almost half the length of the board fading into rolled Vee in the tail. Classic 50/50 forward rails transitioning down to 60/40, wide blunt nose with wider center point pulling into a smaller tail block. This board is made for the ladies that love the glide.

Length:9' - 9'6"
Width:23 1/4"
Thickness:2 7/8" - 3 1/4"
Tail: 2 7/8" - 3 1/4"
Stringers:1/4" Cedar
Glass:6oz. regular or 8oz Volan
Fins:Hobie removable fin or glass on (wood or fiberglass)
Color:Clear, resin tint or Fabric Inlay
Surfing Type:Great Noserider, Classic Surfing & Great Paddle
Best Wave Height:Waist to Shoulder
Wave Type:Point Break & Mellow Reef

Available Auntie Mos

219099 8'6--Auntie Mo Tint: B&R ice blue to magenta fade abstract; deck patch sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey
316681 9'2--Auntie Mo Tint: T&B ice blue; sanded gloss: shaper Gary Larson