Endless Summer Model

Replica shape made famous by Mike Hynson in Bruce Brown’s movie “The Endless Summer”. Made to Hynson’s exact specifications this is a beautiful piece of art to add to your collection of classics.

Length:9’6 to 10’
Width:23 1/2”
Nose:17 3/4”
Stringers:Original T-band center w/ 1/4” balsa, 3/4” cedar, 1/4” balsa & two T-band offsets w/ 1/4” balsa, 5/16” cedar, 1/4” balsa.
Glass:8oz. Volan
Fins:Hynson removable fin or glass on
Color:original 3/4” red, white & blue resin stripes
Surfing Type:Classic Surfing
Best Wave Height:
Wave Type:Point Break & Reef

Available Endless Summer Models

This model is currently sold out, please contact your closest Hobie Surfboards authorized dealer or Hobie Surfboards in regards to custom ordering this model