One Fin Pin

The One Fin Pin is a functional piece of art designed by surfer/artist Tyler Warren and shaped exclusively by Terry Martin. The board is a classic pintail longboard designed for noseriding and fluid surfing

Length:9' - 9'6"
Width:23 1/2
Thickness:3 1/8
Nose:18 3/4
Tail: 16 1/4
Stringers:2x 1/4" cedar 12" apart
Glass:6oz & 4oz Regular
Color:Clear or resin tint
Surfing Type:Great Noserider, Classic Surfing & Great Paddle
Best Wave Height:Waist to Shoulder
Wave Type:Point Break, Mellow Reef

Available One Fin Pins

This model is currently sold out, please contact your closest Hobie Surfboards authorized dealer or Hobie Surfboards in regards to custom ordering this model