The Spitfire owns the unfriendly skies! With an ultra wide nose, you will feel as though you are standing at the end of an airplane wing. Take a step back and you are ready for the attack. Join the dark side and do not look back.

Length:7'6 to 10'
Thickness:3" +
Tail: 3" +
Stringers: 1/4" Bass
Glass:6oz. regular or 8oz Volan
Fins:Single w/ Hobie Pin Flex
Color:Spitfire Design w/ Clear, Airspray or Tint
Surfing Type:Effortless turns, stability, noserides & strong paddle
Best Wave Height:6' and Under
Wave Type:Point Break, Reef & Beach Break

Available Spitfires

217529 9'8--Spitfire Airbrush: T&R white- army- olive- white; added length: shaper Sean Bailey
217926 9'2--Spitfire Tint: T&B red w/ black sand thru and blk. abstract; 2+1; shaper Sean Bailey
218698 9'8--Spitfire Airbrush: T&B lemon yellow; added length 2+1: shaper Sean Bailey
218772 9'8--Spitfire Airbrush: orange & yellow rails; added length sanded finish 2+1: shaper Sean Bailey
218883 9'4--Spitfire Tint: B&R magenta w/ ice blue inlay; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey
316064 9'6--Spitfire Tint: T&B coffee w/ swirls: shape Sean Bailey
316181 9'6--Spitfire Tint: T&B ice blue; sanded finish: shaper:Sean Bailey
316505 9'4 Epoxy--Spitfire Epoxy-Airbrush: T&B blue w/ 3-2" blk. stripes: shaper Sean Bailey
316514 9'4--Spitfire Tint: T&B ice blue; sanded finish: shaper Sean Bailey
316515 9'4--Spitfire Tint: B&R golden yellow w/ flared white pin; tail patch single fin: shaper Sean Bailey