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Arenal Modern Mal

The Modern Mal is a classic shape with much relevance in today's world of longboarding. So much of riding longer boards these days means noseriding, and that's where the Modern Mal comes in to balance things out. With the wide point set back and the nose pulled in, you'll experience quick turns and a timeless style. A longer board intended to be ridden in the breaking part of the wave, and utilize the waves energy properly. Enjoy the freedom on the tail and the speed as you walk to the nose.

Arenal Modern Mal
  • Specifications (Range)
  • Length: 8'10-9'8
  • Width: 23"
  • Thickness: 3"
  • Nose: 17
  • Tail: 15 1/2"

  • Options
  • Stringer(s): Single
  • Glass: 6 oz
  • Fins: Single
  • Color: Clear, Resin Tint

  • Performance
  • Surfing Type: 0
  • Wave Height: Shin to Overhead
  • Wave Type:

Available Arenal Modern Mal Boards

  Serial # Description  
317219 Tint: T&B lt. tan w/ full volan & volan deck/tail patches: shaper Michael Arenal View Board »