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With honey holes from the backcountry lakes of Washington and Oregon to the slate grey Puget Sound, beekeeper Brad Hole chases everything from trout and bass to salmon and lingcod. In 2012 the pro kayak fishing guide roped a personal best 80-pound Pacific halibut, a beast of a fish. “My bucket list may be getting shorter but there isn't a day that goes by that I regret being out on the water,” he says.

Articles by Brad Hole

What Lies Beneath: Jigging for Mackinaw and Burbot

Washington State and other parts of the Pacific Northwest are dotted with several deep lakes and reservoirs. Several exceed 400 feet deep. While trolling at the surface can be effective …
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Fishing: The Tropical Slam

In southeast Florida, it's rumored that some tropical fish owners could no longer care for their growing aquarium pets. Too big to flush, they dumped them in the freshwater canals …
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Fishing for Dinosaurs

When it comes to kayak fishing, it's great to have a bucket list. That could be a new destination, a new species or a different way to target fish. Sometimes …
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Fish Longer by Staying Warmer

The one thing I’ve learned being a Pacific Northwest transplant is that whatever the season, the water out west never really warms up. In Seattle we are surrounded by several …
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Fall Eye

It's the time of year that one of the best tasting fish start moving into shallower water. It's Walleye Weather.
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Article image - Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone
Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

You know the saying: "When life deals you lemons - make lemonade." It couldn't have rung more true this Spring in the Pacific Northwest.
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Article image - tiger muskie
Stalking the Tiger

Hobie Top Gun Brad Hole chose a toothy target to punch his ticket to the 40 & Over Club
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Article image - Leadcore line
Leadcore Line Tactics

Get your bait down to sulking fish without resorting to a heavy downrigger.
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