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Brandon Barton Top Gun

Brandon Barton

Home waters: Pensacola, Florida

A bull is a redfish over 27 inches long. Countless bulls have had the pleasure of meeting Brandon Barton. The pro guide and accomplished tournament anglers will show you the tips and techniques you need to know to improve your redfish skills. Barton scours flats and bridges with flowing current searching for those models pushing 50 inches long, and lucky for us, he records his expeditions on camera.

Articles by Brandon Barton

Topwater Time!

Topwater lures are some of the most exciting and productive to fish with from a kayak. Not only do to you get to watch a fish explode on a lure ...
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Fishing Video: Tarpon Airlines

No other fish gets my adrenaline flowing as hard as a 100 plus pound kayak tarpon flying out of the water after inhaling my bait. These fish will give you ...
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How to Film Your Catch Like a Pro

How to capture epic video and photography of your kayak fishing catches.
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Fishing: Catching the Convicts

One of my favorite cold water fish to target from the kayak is the sheepshead. These fish are often called convicts because of their black and white stripes. Sheepshead are ...
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Article image - Five Tips for a Safer Day on the Water
Five Tips for a Safer Day on the Water

While fishing a bridge for bull reds at night in Pensacola Bay, a surprise lightning storm caught a friend and I on the water. We took shelter under the bridge. ...
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Red Storm: How a Pod of Shallow Water Redfish Rekindled my Love of Kayak Fishing

It was fall in southern Louisiana, when the redfish bite is on fire.
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Article image - Those Unforgettable Trips
Those Unforgettable Trips

The most meaningful trips aren’t the ones you catch a trophy or a ton of fish. The unforgettable outings are the times you help someone you love catch fish.
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Article image - Top Gun Brandon Barton with a golden pumpkin
Sight Casting for Golden Pumpkins

2016 Hobie Fishing Top Gun Brandon Barton finds nighttime thrills under Northwest Florida's bridge lights: golden pumpkins and silver kings.
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Brandon Barton
Tools to Target Panhandle Red Drum

Redfish along the panhandle of Florida are abundant and can be easily caught with a variety of techniques and gear. Most of the time, redfish very aggressive and are opportunistic ...
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Brandon Barton RedFish
Red Drum Sleigh Ride

If you are looking for an adrenaline pumping good time, then you definitely have to try fishing for red drum from of a Hobie Mirage kayak.
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