Brendan Bayard

Brendan Bayard

Home waters: Southern US

Brendan is known down in Louisiana as one of the “go-to-guys” for anything kayak fishing related. Whether it’s a simple tip on what lure to use for tomorrow’s trip out on the water, to the more complicated kayak rigging applications, Brendan is always looking to help his fellow kayak fisherman. As a founding member and moderator of the Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club, Brendan has been at the forefront of kayak fishing since it took off in Louisiana. Brendan has coordinated and fished in many tournaments for the Louisiana club, and when he is not on the water he can often be found designing tournament shirts for various kayak fishing clubs through-out the country. Also you can catch weekly kayak fishing reports from Brendan on the “Outdoors with Don Dubuc” radio program Saturday mornings at 6:20am CST. "":

Articles by Brendan Bayard

2013 IFA Bayard Wins Angler of the Year
Tournament Talk

The IFA Kayak Championship tournament was in Houma, LA this year, and we had a great opportunity to capitalize on some of the great fishing these bull reds would offer.
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