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Chris Siebenthaler Top Gun

Christopher Siebenthaler

Home waters: Bass waters of Austin Texas

When Chris Siebenthaler first hit the water at a kayak bass fishing tournament, his life changed forever. He couldn’t get enough of pushing the limits and power fishing from his Mirage Pro Angler 14. Now a tournament MC, he loves sharing his passion and introducing new anglers to kayak fishing. “It’s a ton of fun. Teaching is just as enjoyable as catching,” the big bass hunter says.

Articles by Christopher Siebenthaler

Five Rod Bending Bass Rigs

Whittling down my arsenal of kayak friendly kayak fishing techniques to five is like a team captain picking five players, leaving 15 All-Stars wondering why they weren't picked. No disrespect ...
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Fishing: Tournament Season - Prep for Success

It’s finally time for the 2017 kayak tournament trails to fire up. Some trails get going in January, while others wait for the March ice to melt. Down here in ...
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