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Few anglers would be willing to fish in a kayak past dark, but Eric Harrison frequently fishes past the midnight hour in search of the largest striped bass. There may be only a handful of anglers who have caught as many giant striped bass as Eric has over the years in his Revolution 13. His mammoth catches have to be seen to believe!

Articles by Eric Harrison

A Year's Worth of Giant Stripers

2017 was an unbelievable year for striped bass in Massachusetts. Localized bites popped up all over, the Cape Cod Canal experienced epic fishing and schools of large stripers moved in …
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Video: Kayak Cod Fishing

I’m Eric Harrison, Hobie Top Gun, I’m out here off Gloucester Massachusetts jigging for cod. Targeting cod at 50 to 80 feet of water today, fishing a mix of small …
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Fishing: The 2017 Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing Classic

The Kayak Fishing Classic was held at Jamaica Bay, New York this past weekend and the 320 competitors were treated to good fishing and pleasant weather. Held at Floyd Bennett …
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Fishing: Kayaking for Winter Flounder

If you don’t live in the Northeast, you’ve probably never fished for winter flounder. There are two major types of flounder that inhabit our waters, summer flounder, also known as …
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Fishing: Techniques for Wind and Current

Everyone knows that Chicago is the windy city and that Seattle gets plenty of rain, but most people don’t know that Boston is windier than Chicago and gets more rain …
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Article image - Big plastics for striped bass
Go Big! Big Plastic

I can’t tell you how many species of fish I’ve caught, way too many to count. After sampling many fish and using just about every fishing technique you can imagine, …
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Eric Harrison, Striper
Windy with a Chance of Big Striper

September is a special time in New England because all our fisheries are on fire. It is like the grand finale of a fireworks show; the fishing explodes, then cold …
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Eric Harrison, Striped Bass
Rigging a Kayak for Striped Bass Fishing

My kayaks are pretty simply rigged: a fish finder, a milk crate and not much else unless I need it for a specific trip. I rig my kayaks to fit …
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