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Jef Brewer

Home waters: Northern California, salt and fresh

Jef Brewer is a passionate and driven all-around angler. He equally loves saltwater and fresh, and continues to expand his horizons. “My bucket list of fish species grows daily as I learn of new waters to explore and new species to chase. From yellowtail off San Diego to roosterfish off the East Cape of Mexico and everything in between, I want to experience it all,” he says.

Articles by Jef Brewer

Staying Safe in Changing Weather Conditions

Most of us have had days on the water where the weather and conditions started out great and then quickly turned into something a bit more serious and sometimes dangerous. ...
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Lipless Crankbaits: A Year-Round, Multispecies Super Lure

Everyone has their favorite lure, that one bait that they KNOW will bring on a bite. They are called “confidence” or “go-to” baits and mine happens to be the lipless ...
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Fishing: Taking the Game to New Waters

Every bass angler has their favorite lake and I am no different. My personal favorite is Lake Mendocino in Northern California, home to both large and smallmouth bass, as well ...
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