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Jef Brewer

Home waters: Northern California, salt and fresh

Jef Brewer is a passionate and driven all-around angler. He equally loves saltwater and fresh, and continues to expand his horizons. “My bucket list of fish species grows daily as I learn of new waters to explore and new species to chase. From yellowtail off San Diego to roosterfish off the East Cape of Mexico and everything in between, I want to experience it all,” he says.

Articles by Jef Brewer

Lipless Crankbaits: A Year-Round, Multispecies Super Lure

Everyone has their favorite lure, that one bait that they KNOW will bring on a bite. They are called “confidence” or “go-to” baits and mine happens to be the lipless ...
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Fishing: Taking the Game to New Waters

Every bass angler has their favorite lake and I am no different. My personal favorite is Lake Mendocino in Northern California, home to both large and smallmouth bass, as well ...
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