Jonathan Grady

Home waters:

If hardworking Jonathan Grady had to choose just one fish species of the many he pursues in North Carolina’s diverse fisheries, it would be the bull redfish. He knows his stuff. “Not much makes me happier than to see others catch their personal best fish and to know that I helped. It just adds to the thrill for me,” he says.

Articles by Jonathan Grady

Popping to the Beat of an Old Drum

Who doesn’t get excited when their cork goes under? As kids we grow up using a cork with some sort of live bait under it or maybe even as an ...
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Fishing: King of the Beach

King mackerel can be one of the most exhilarating fish to target from a kayak in North Carolina. While they may not be everyone’s preferred fish on the table, no ...
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Fishing: Carolina’s Yak Matadors

North Carolina’s ocean run of trophy class redfish is a risk versus reward proposition for dedicated kayak anglers. Many people think we’re crazy for going in the ocean with a ...
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Fishing: Spring Into Action

Growing up with Cape Fear only fifteen minutes from my house I always heard two things from my dad about it, “It’s dangerous, don’t go there,” and how fun the ...
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