Shawn Barham

Home waters: The Salty Side of Connecticut

Shawn Barham catches striped bass, tons of them, big ones. He credits his father for starting him early, as a baby. Fishing has always been his consuming passion. He’ll fish for just about anything. “I love how my Hobie brings me up close and personal with the fish. I am addicted to setting the hook and then being towed around by a big fish. There’s no better rush,” he says.

Articles by Shawn Barham

Inshore Kayak Tautog Fishing

In my home waters of Long Island sound there aren’t too many things that excite me more than the fall run. During this time of year as the weather and …
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Fishing: It's Not Called Catching

2017 has been one of the strangest years I’ve ever seen in my life. I fish the Connecticut side of Long Island Sound and it seems like for some reason …
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Fishing: Chasing Unicorns

In the New England waters where I fish we have a very elusive fish. So elusive that locals refer to them as unicorns. The fish I’m referring to is the …
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Ice Out Pike Fishing

For the past few seasons I have been fishing outside of my comfort zone and targeting early season pike. I usually target them from late winter when the ice first …
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Urban Striper Smackdown

Mayhem under the bridge, fish after fish after fish.
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