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3959 N. HIGHWAY 61


  • Mirage Eclipse
  • All Kayaks
  • Pro Angler Serie
  • Island Serie
  • Rotationsgeformte Segelboote
  • Fiberglas-Segelboote
  • Stand Up Paddleboards

Hobie First Cast

Hi Tempo Snowsports & Watersports ist ein Gastgeber für Hobie First Cast.
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Demo program: We offer FREE demos of the Eclipse, the entire Kayak line, including Pro Anglers and Islands, the SUPs and the Rotomolded and Fiberglass Sailboats. Every Wednesday from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm May through September.

If Wednesday nights don’t work, call to schedule an alternative day and time. 651-429-3333.

Rental program: We rent the Eclipse and the entire Kayak line including Pro Anglers and Islands. Up to $250 of rental fees may be applied toward a boat purchase.

Hobie Island-Club

Hi Tempo Snowsports & Watersports ist der gastgebende Händler für Hi Tempo Hobie Island Club. Treten Sie dem Hobie Island-Club bei →

Hobie Fishing Team Members

  • Grant Carston
  • Jay Suhsen
  • Natalie Dillon

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