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Mirage Pro Angler 12 with 360 Drive Technology

The 2021 Pro Angler 12 with the MirageDrive 360 and Kick-Up Fins gives you the competitive edge with full-circle power and maneuverability.

Mirage Pro Angler 12 360

With the revolutionary MirageDrive 360 and Kick-Up fins, move through the water without constraints, going exactly where you want to go. Effortlessly spin and move in every direction. Hobie’s new Kick-Up Fins which immediately retract on impact – even shallow areas are now entirely navigable. Logs, kelp, shallows, rocks, no problem. The PA 12 is packed full of features including six rod holders, the adjustable, elevated Vantage ST seat, extra wide hull and stain-resistant EVA padding.

$4,799 USD MSRP
Color: Arctic Blue Camo Color: Amazon Green Camo

Powered By MirageDrive 360
Mirage Pro Angler 12 with 360 Drive Technology Features Top View Features

What it takes to be #1

Mirage Pro Angler 12 with 360
Vorbereitet für das Anchor Trolley System
Vorderes Staufach mit entfernbarer Abdeckung
MirageDrive 360
Großes Twist and Seal Staufach mit TMS
Vantage ST-Sitz
Hilfskontrollen Ruder rechts/links
Mittig am Boot sitzender Tragegriff
Zum Aufbewahren des Fangs geeigneter Gepäckbereich
20cm Twist and Seal Staufach
Vorbereitet für das Anchor Trolley System

H-Rail: Built to Gear Up

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